Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview


I know, but there have been a number of high priority fires that I’ve had to take care of. Hopefully I’ll get to sleep next year.


I always say, I will sleep when I’m dead. Hang in there an here’s to a more restful 2018!




Seems like PGCoffee should be providing you with more coffee :thinking:

@Galaad360 They have historically provided previews and are linked here from the old forums + blog, if you’re curious.


Sorry, I talked about the winter season warrior and dragons! Not the regular lineage dragon!


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I just wanted to share some stats for those of you who are curious :slight_smile:
(As of December 2017)
Heat Shield: 40% Damage reduction and 20% Healing(Of Base Stat without any modifiers)
Fire Shield: 60% Damage reduction and 10% Healing
Blazing Shield: 40% Damage reduction and 35% Healing


Exactly what I thought, thanks :grin:


Too bad he can’t kill stuff


Yes Leos has less damage output compared to hunters with burst damage or warriors with more offensive spell sets. Leos can’t be everything :laughing: but hope you do enjoy the defensive part of Leos and the fact that it goes up to Obsidian Mythic Power!


Pulse - why did you make them go to mythic power but not mythic status?


Since we didn’t have new tier released, we couldn’t match the new seasons to new tier power. Also we wanted to reserve Mythic status to only our special dragons.


Thank you for the reply.


Anyone have Avyx? What do the runes gives as bonus (how much time/dmg) .

I have Necryx and always use it as my main dragon, I am starting to think that Avyx might be the best fit available right now to complete Nec since he can do more damage on single target quickly and not screw everything…! Equestor is really not and option since that TBolt and/or light familiar will just detroy all the strategie with Sand on Nec (i use borgian and cant really use that Tbolt cuz of that, it screw everything…! A sorcerer would need something like Umbral spike to be effective…!

Well, am still gonna wait, maybe they will surprise us with the warrior…! Else i think Avyx might be my best option!

What do all of you that got Necryx think??