Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview


What’s wrong with getting another lead dragon?


Borgian is my 2nd main, but Necrys is really more strong on stronger bases for like pvp events!

Plus there is nothing wrong, I am just looking for a dragons that complete my Necryx cuz i have pretty much none when i screw a bit with Nec…!


Ah. I don’t have Avyx and doesn’t seem like many people do yet. For what you’re looking for it seems like he’d be okay, but his spells wouldn’t be able to do much if something were to go wrong. Talon Frenzy seems extremely underwhelming.


With the mythic frenzy rune, it puts your damage during frenzy as 180% of normal damage, so just shy of chaos (chaos is 200%). It increases the duration too, so for a one rage spell, it isn’t that bad :man_shrugging:t3:


Ya you’re right! Well, i think i’ll just wait to see if the warrior will be a bit more usefull to me…!

Maybe if is was Galvanic overload instead of TFrenzy that hunter would have fit me more…! Would have been quite insane too GO +HM might be fun xd


Ya youre right it seem cool, but chaos with runes it get close to 250% so…! Lol


Oh how i wish for an even more OP ferga too… alas PG is too smart for us :pensive:


I dont have Ferga yet I am juste at hauheset in saphirre dragon right now :frowning: but yeah he pretty much has that combo GO+HM haha! Just dont know what seimic screch does yet :laughing:


Here is a video I did on Avyx and Equestor. I think Avyx will be a very good dragon surprising enough. They are only lvl 12 here but did decent on the halo base.


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Not sure who else was interested. I can confirm epic rune of whatever from Equestor line has increased Borg to 6 Thunderbolt bounces.

I don’t have the next rune yet but I will be trying for 7 bounces soon. :grin::blush: Stay tuned


Damn it… My Borg only goes to platinum :cry::cry::sob:


I was half considering Equestor for those runes to put on Borgian. I already have maxxed Legendary Rage and Healing Mark Runes on him though. I’m not sure that removing those for extra bounces would be beneficial. 2 extra bounces would be nice on long islands but would sometimes go to waste on small islands.

Suggestions are appreciated.


Each bounce is another half damage less so by 6 or 7 bounce strength is fairly low. I had rare runes so I don’t mind taking those off


What… the damage drops per bounce? That’s new to me :flushed:


Not as far as I can tell


Simple pseudo solution there… hit the monument first, so it can only bounce out to the other towers


Yah but you know…every second count when there is defenders (event when there is none) and you want to cast that Bolt first…specially with sorcerer (Equestor) takes forever to target the monument…!


Was it confirmed that borgian’s Thunderbolt can only have a maximum of +2 bounces or was that just a misunderstanding?



I have Borg maxed with Healing Marks and what not but I think taking one off to increase the bounce by 1 would work out just fine. Healing by half health is great but I don’t think taking one off would really weaken it that much. Plus the secondary rage is better than the unused Havoc that goes to waste on all my healing mark runes.


You make good points about healing mark and the secondary on it. Thanks for your input.