Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview


I made the assumption since that is the mechanic chain lightning uses and both chain lightning and thunderbolt have the exact same in-game description. If I’m wrong that is wonderful! :joy::joy:


That’s also new to me.
Either I managed to totally ignore that fact in the two years I play this game, or you might need to check your facts again :rofl:


Yes i tried hp boost and without… it works now for leo i get the 35% finally and about 20 with hp booster on it.

Shield reduce is still bad and the attack boost at low hp is also not useful… still think leo is worse than abbraxxas which was weak already


Here is one of the videos I made about Leos. Contrary to the majority beliefs, I think Leos is a better warrior than many in the game. The two resists are great and the 60% attack boost is what a warrior was missing. Plus the HP recovery which is great !


@xVoldaRx Just a comment, I see you gave it an epic Rejuvenate/Rage runes, I will assume it’s for the sub rage because Rejuvenate only works on the spell of the same name, not on the regen of his shield.

Thank you for showing Leos’ strength! I have him up to gold, gonna wait to see if he’s worthy til I invest more sigils than maybe Platinum on him.

@PGPulse Once Lion’s Rage is activated once, does it stays activated even if the blue health of Leos’ shield goes over the activation limit of the passive spell? Because I only see it activated once.


@Kardul - I put the rejuvenate for the secondary rage add. Yes, once Leos goes under 55%, the buff is activated for the rest of the run, no matter if he heals above it. Hope PG doesn’t screw this up. It acts like Archimera spell and I hope it stays like this.

For once PG gave us a warrior worthy to have:

  • a shield that recovers HP too
  • a buff on the attack that stays on without needing rage to activate it
  • two great resists


I just saw that PG mentioned ‘Spitfire turrets resist’ while in game Leos is presented as ‘Fire turrets resist’. Which is which ? From my tests, it looks like PG misspelled the info on Leos’s presentation in the game.


The early draft/project name of Fire Turrets was Spitfire Turrets. The towers they put into the game were called Fire Turrets but they forgot to change everything else aswell so the resist always said Spitfire Turret.
I guess they are fixing those things now…


In answer to your question, yes, once it’s activated, it does not go away regardless.


So despite his only active spell being a protective one, I truly think Leos is underestimated for being the discount Dragon, and I am looking forward to further Warrior improvements that were discussed in the forum.

I’ll be heartbroken to retire Skarr after Sapphire, but I think Leos will be a mighty tanky Warrior to receive his torch (though Skarr can’t really meet his match for sure). By the way Leos’ flame is a gorgeous golden colour :heart_eyes:


I don’t like that he has to be half-dead to start doing any damage.


Agreed. PG should make the ability kicks in at 80% HP.


I think it makes it interesting :man_shrugging:t3:Makes it a balancing act


Soooo, when will we know the type and spells of the main line warrior? Would be nice to know before the rider discount is over so we could decide if we need the ryder or not…!

Could be cool to know them by christmast!! Delaying the release is fine, but it’s really boring to old sigils until mid season si ce you push back that release…! Make us less effective in event since those prices could really help…!

At least i would knew that if i dont like the warrior i could spend right away on another dragon!!



Why not just make this a constant passive that is effective immediately at the start of battle? Warriors dont have great offense anyways and this should give him the offense he needs shince the rest if his abilities are defensive.


Just asking if you guys played Pokémon even remotely against real trainer, and ever faced an Adamant natured Azumarill with Huge Power ability, using Belly Drum holding a Sitrus berry and followed by a STAB Play Rough. This cute little blue Kinder Surprise Pokémon is a killer.

I’ll break it down for people who are not really pokefans, Huge power is like a passive spell doubling attack stat, adamant nature give a 10% boost in attack (10% off special attack but irrelevant, Belly Drum sacrifice half of max Hp to greatly boost attack stat, Sitrus berry is a held consumable item that give back a bit of HP, STAB means same type attack bonus and gives an extra 50% power to an attack of the same element as the Pokémon. All this means that the next attack will hurt you much if you don’t have the resist for it.

Sorry for the digression I just wanted to point out that similarity :sweat_smile:

We have way better than a mere Sitrus berry, we have a shield healing 1/3 of his base life. Leos’ gonna fly bases like a tank would :joy::joy::joy:


Not sure if you were talking about the Pokemon or Pokemon GO but i loved Full Heal far more than Sitrus Berry :rofl: ( I am of Sapphire Ruby Generation :wink: )
And I am happy it was not Azuril but Azumarill


The main series, Pokémon Go has none of the fine strategies of the main games, and Sitrus berry is used automatically by the holder when its health falls under 50% (I forgot that part).

Anyway, I am pretty much set on making the best out of Leos this season :grin:


Its fine to convince yourself that a poor choice wasnt so bad :joy:

Honestly Leos rather sucks - look at the videos where they flew him against undefended farms. No 30% health boost and no hammer spam. Takes him ages to kill farms - aka pointless at wars a single defender can completely outheal him.

But maybe he is decent at low lvl play - bottom line, if you like him - enjoy him.


I like that bottom line! And he is kickass at lowwwww levels. You know what i mean :wink: