Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview


This choice gave me half-priced rewards and the portrait I wanted. This wasn’t a poor choice since I was fully aware he was like the hiccup of his litter. It was my choice and I assume it. I don’t know if I’ll follow his entire line, but he’s almost up to Platinum after the discount ended, I’d be sorry to leave that Stone… Unturned :sunglasses: Ba dum tss.


He’s still better than girasol :rofl::rofl::rofl:
But you are correct, not a war drag by any stretch of the imagination, simply a “give me those delicious goodies” drag. Ended up being 2 cards short of finishing his line before discount ended. I’ll circle back after the riders.


I got Leos on my alt which is baby lv. 31. :joy: I like him. On my main I wouldn‘t spend sigils on him.


Haha true. Girasol is like the bastard devil offspring of merkt abraxxis and kerbos.

Useless - f useless and then girasol


I don’t want to rain in your parade, but unless you attack with a 45 level Necryx a 35 level towers base, ALL dragons suck when facing defenders who know what they are doing. So this “he’s weak before defenders”, well, all dragons are weak before defenders who know their job. In my opinion all it is debatable. If Leos is used only for taking down two or three mage towers in a war attack - by using his resists and his tanky nature plus the buff he receives during the attack - it is already a plus for the follower, IMHO.


He means that he is weak before defenders are added into the equation: he’s weak pre-defenders.

This is not true. A defender makes it harder, but there are dragons that suck against defenders, and then there are those with opportunities to outplay the defenders. Nec noc hau zam ferga etc are some of the better ones dealing with defenders. As someone who spent 85k ish points on this past pvp taking on defended 300s about 40% of the time (I was in saph tier then) I can attest that necryx does not suck as long as the attacker knows what he’s doing and knows what to expect from the def. Necryx doesn’t have to kill towers, he just has to disable them for a cleaner (hau, spindra, ferga (I wish), ember) to clean. Since Leo’s can’t disable towers, he has to kill them to make a difference for his wing, and Leos cannot kill through hammer spam :man_shrugging:t3:

Just so you know, Gox is on a D2 team regularly going up against 60 tower bases so there’s a lot of consideration that he gives a dragon’s kit before he says it isn’t war worthy.


To be fair the list you provide has only one warrior dragon, Zam. Zam has trouble against farms too.
Leos is not bad with its resists. Leos is weak because it’s a warrior!
We all know warriors are useless in higher tiers. Leos, however, is a better warrior and has the potential be better with upcoming balance changes.


Zam would be used as a lead not a finisher.


Yes, the only reason why zam is listed is because of his mystic winds so he can leave his backer with some rage. Zam wouldn’t be used on a base above 50 towers though.
Another warrior that’s viable is scar, double flux, sacrifice, swap, backer brings invert, and doesn’t get maged on Long Island.


I see dragons as tools for specific means. You attack a base not based on your most powerful dragon but based on the most successful against that specific base. At least this is how I approach this game. I usually have the holy trinity - hunter, sorcerer and warrior - maxed out for each tier. Leos, as a mythic Obsidian warrior looks good in my book. I am a hunter/sorcerer rider, but Leos got my attention once I used him.


does equestors familiar attack buildings at all? i found this thread really helpful. personally im leaning towards equestors but am waiting for the last warrior to first be released before i choose a dragon. im lvl 50 right now and this is my second season went with chierak last one and liked him a lot but really want a good dragon like chierak that can solo bases. leaning towards equestors. ive heard a lot of people say that leos will only be good up until lvl 150 then not so much after that. also haven’t really heard much about avyx but do the people that have him like him over equestors or leos? if so why?


@At0mic93 lightning familiar attacks like kinnaras summon warrior with the difference that it doesn’t prevent from damage. It’s invincible.

Avyx is great I picked equestor for my lv 186 alt and on my lv 335 the hunter. Warriors wouldn’t be a smart choice on either account. Too weak.

At your level you can have fun with all of them and way more dragons will be released when you grow in levels.

However the best pick this season is Avyx.


Actually my Leos isnt at high level, but i like him.

Choosed that line to get for less sigils more prizes, at all for me prizes are more important to come forward.
But once i was defending a base and after the mages was away from a dragon before… a Leos came in and had it very easy with flaks and turrets…

For later states its a good one too… at least the xp games or atlas xp games are very easy to manage with this kind of dragons.

Just wonder about the other warrior, and the rider…
Using that 50% sale stuff is something all people should look for… at least for less effort nice stuff ! :slight_smile:


My Leos is level 50 and I find him being a great one for half price.


after tonight 2 more days ahhh im going crazy trying to wait. lol. its driving me up the wall not using sigils when it could help in events like building for elemtal towers and what not. haha. ive seen leos is good however i heard once you pass lvl 150 hes no good so i didnt’ go with him. otherwise i would have. im hearing from others equestors is the strongest sorcerer now since kinnarus only goes to saphire or something like that?


You heard a lot of misleading and false informations but luckily for you, this season there are no dragons (yet) that would make you WOW. The mythic hunter has potential, but… 75 000 sigils is not simple to obtain.


If you consider non-spenders, even 75k rubies is not simple to obtain :sweat_smile:


Is it really thousands of $ to get the mythic?


I can totally say yes, it is even if you are extremely active you would certainly need a lot of money. The more active/skillful you are, the less you have to use…

Unless you are a crazy rubies hoarder who saved for a year and half without spending… Then you can eventually get one for free every 5 or 6 seasons… :joy::joy::joy:


To answer your question, yes. It is about 4 000$ to get the mythic in a season. I have Algor (Mythic of Winter 2016) and I like it a lot, but it’s useless after a year, even expert. So, if you ask me, I’d say don’t do it unless you are already at the top tier level. Because every season the mythics grow in power … and the defense towers too, so in about a year you’ll have a useless 4 000$ dragon, IMHO.

<sarcasm/ People who got Merkt or even Moonfang may tell you how happy are with them /sarcasm>.

So, and this is my advice for the new players in this game, always get the discount dragon, you’ll get best prizes for the sigils spent, even though sometimes the discount dragon doesn’t look like much. Necryx, who was last season discount dragon is the most used hunter in Diamond leagues. Sometimes better than Noctua, because of his elemental shield and it’s one rage white spells. So… discount dragons are not always weak. And the prizes usually offset the quality of the dragon for a little or no spender.