Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview


Even more misleading info lol

It‘s all about how active you are, how smart you plan, which league you‘re in… basically there are a lot of factors so you can‘t just say:

…because I can save 60-70k rubies per season without spending.

And you can‘t just put a price tag on a mythic divine for the same reasons because:

…only applies to you with your playstyle and strategy in your league. It can be 300$ for someone else who plays differently (without spending over the season).


I’m talking about the majority of non-spenders, not the minority of very active/hardcore gamers who know how to score best in events. I saved 40k rubies in Nightmare season being very little active. I saved 25k more in one month this season.

Let me rephrase. It’s simple to get 75k rubies, but very slow and the desire to pull ten chests can be very tempting at times, or not even tingling at others…

Damn I reminded myself of the Lorax. “I talk for the trees!”


The north remembers!!!


I think I’m missing the reference/ something lost in translation lol.


Game of Thrones aka. common knowledge. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I got it was about GoT, but which part? There’s more than 15 “books”.


We are too lazy to read books. All we know is seasons of aired series :innocent:

And to continue: The night is dark and full of horrors!

Edit: Thanks to PGCrisis my memory is getting bad already


(Gonna go off-topic for a hot second here)

The North Remembers is a line from Game of Thrones season 2 onwards, signifying that the people of the North (and specifically those who reside in Winterfell) will always remember the tragedies that they have endured, and the bravery of the fearless leaders of House Stark.

Not trying to spoil anything for y’all, as the entire show is most certainly worth a watch! You’ll cringe, you’ll gasp, you’ll laugh. You might cry if you care enough about some characters. But, just like the North, you’ll always remember.

Alright, nerd rant over. ‘And now my watch has ended.’ :wolf:


…only applies to you with your playstyle and strategy in your league. It can be 300$ for someone else who plays differently (without spending over the season).

MareZ, yep, say that to a bronze/gold league player that just starts the game and he’ll LOL all day long. Yes, in a Sapphire/Diamond league, things start to look like what you say, with an error of about 700$ dollars and a lot of hoarding. I am not a hoarder, to make it clear for everyone.


(I read the books years ago, watched the first season but couldn’t bring myself to watch the second because I hated waiting for the next season/episode… Guess what, I was never able to get back to it…)


All good :+1:t2:
Just needed more specifics about the audience you‘re targeting with your comment.
If you‘re talking to the Bronze-Gold players on the forum, you probably made a good guess about the cost.
Although I wonder what someone who just started the game wants with a mythic hunter which needs atleast Orange Tier :thinking:


Is it actually 75k sigils for the mythic? I don’t and won’t get one so I don’t know how it works after you finish the 3 lines. Are you just handed the mythic with all it’s stones? I’d hope that’s the case, but I have no way to know without using the search function and I’m too lazy at the moment.


You need to buy mythic stones after that! Some 5-10k this season probably after all 3 main lines


Nah it’s 75k for the 3 lines then 4K for the egg token bonus everyone got plus the 3k for Kayla no one missed and 1000-4000 sigils for the mythic line being realistic.

No one skipped egg tokens and Kayla for the mythic.

So round about 83-86k sigils.

Those who get him on release day spent $2-4K depending on luck. Some in top D1 teams can complete Kayla, eggs and 2 dragons with very high activity and tons of saved event related items during the other two seasons aka 6 months plus tons of rubies.

With an excellent hoarding skill and lots of free stuff from team prizes and event performance they can obtain during the double sigil weekend the mythic dragon for $200-500 bucks.

I’m just a horrible hoarder lmao


Hi crisis! Wanna join us for the topic for a hot second too? :wink: we anxiously waiting for a wonderful mythic hunter after Merkt! Don’t dissipate us please…


Hey @ToNyRen! I’m excited to hear your thoughts on Neptus once both it and Gladicus are released this week! Hopefully you’ll be adding Neptus to your go-to roster of Dragons very soon. :slight_smile:


Are we still getting that spells preview?


Tomorrow lol. But we already know it.

It’s a collectors dragon I’ll have fun to slaughter him on my base :joy:


Yep! It’s on the way, coming tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Really appreciate the updates on what’s going on. Thanks Very Much