Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview


If you kknow it, tell us :slight_smile:



Lol might now be that too! But thats the warrior that i’d like to know! Have no interest in a mythic dragon that cost more then my house paiement for 3 months!..! I just hope everybody that has those mythic are either hacking or bilionaire lol!


Is the 30% talon frenzy increase damage the mythic rune gives is a 30% over normal dmg ( so 50% +30% dmg(80% more then normal attack)

it is 30% of the 50% increase, which mean 65% total increase?

Thanks for the clarification!


The over effect is 180% of normal damage. Just shy of chaos.
Edit, to answer your question, it’s always additive, and it’s base off the base spell damage/effect.


Cool thank! Just wanted to make sure!


Do you know, or does anyone know if Avyx lengendairy and epic rune increase TF dmg as well? If not, what is the second spell on them!


There’s no secondary on them (I don’t know why, but it’s the same thing for Leo’s runes). They only increase duration, which is fricken pointless. Why? Bc you’re most of the time gonna Cast it on the turn then blue interrupts, then you cast again after blue down, then you’re out of ammo, and/or you’re cloaking, and/or there’s another blue to interrupt, so duration is way less important than Heal Mark.


Lol… Thats dumb…a legemdairy rune with only 1 spell…! Well… anyway, the second spell is 7/8 of the time useless for your dragon…! They could/should put rage regen as secondairy on every epic/legen/mythic rune if they cant put anything else usefull!


Preaching to the choir :rofl:


There is only a secondary on the mythic rune of Leos - Flak resist maxed is 6% more.


Yep, was only talking about the requested rarity runes :slight_smile:


It’s an additive bonus. It goes up to 80% more damage, rather than 65%.


@DivineStrike considering you have to finish all of the first 3 dragon trees to get the mythic yeahh thats a good amount of $$ being spent right their. the way i was told is the mythics are more for diamond players that spend a lot and want to have prestige dragons they few are able to get themselves. makes sense if you look at it that way.

And @xVoldaRx did the sigil amount to get to obsidian go up this season? i know the evo stones didn’t used to cost more than the prizes around them. this is only my second season tho and i don’t remember what the tally of total sigils was to get to obisidian. Thanks.


i don’t so much mind that they stack. i just wish one of them was a sigil since all 3 are the same round type and obv you can only put 2 on the dragon. lammeee if you ask me. but whatev. fingers crossed for next season. i like equestors so far.


No, the same sigils needed. 25k.