Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview


i think all of those can’t 50% superfly defended


Super fly?


Superfly :sunglasses:


Just equip TS. All OP dragons now. :joy::rofl:


Until all our forged thunderstorms turn red :woman_facepalming:t2: Not quite so OP then.


Empowered Nocturnal Fissure returns part of the soaked up damage to HP back to Apo and Apo’s shadow.
To empower Nocturnal Fissure, cast Nightfall first.


I fly rhyo, its actually fun. Its not THAT easy to pick the buff you want, but it can be done generally, unless the base is very strong, in which case you will get the storm tower usually.

This incarnation will probably play quite similar. Its honestly not as bad as it “seems” on paper to have EE.

Its “fun” to play sorceror, more active, more choices. I reckon he will be good.


This reminds me of empowered spells. It would be cool if the spell stacked so you could use 1x Rage for a +50% increase, another 1x Rage for another +50% increase and maybe even stack this up to 3 times to reach Havok-power.

It’s so sad that PG puts less and less thoughts into skills. Everytime new skills come out, they are mostly recycled.

Talon Frenzy = Chaos = Havok
So many differend versions of healing or exploding shields that I can’t even count them anymore…

Bring back empowered skills that you introduced with the platinum tier and bring back totally unique skills for mythics that you introduced with the sappire mythics!


Come and put your spell ideas onto the various threads I’ve set up for next season’s dragons!


I also like to fly Rhyo. He is fun. Would not be my choice in a war with heavy defended bases though…

The main question for me is if a new dragon tier is coming out during this season and the mythic whatever has the new stone? Which would mean the obsidians are obsolete anyway…


I’m pretty sure the Winter Mythic Hunter will have the stone for the next dragon tier.
A good combination for a sellout :sunglasses:


$1 says new tier on ±22 December, or if they sneak another event in before breed, 29 Dec


I know this is probably not an important question but I really wonder what color the sigils will be… hopefully white with some blue :thinking:


New tier be diamond? What tier will come out at start of Summer 2018? Tungsten Carbide tier? :joy:


Will the already forged ones turn red too? It seems like that is a bait and switch cheat! You should be allowed to use up the remaining forged blue ones as blue, but all new ones will be red (which will be pretty much the end of forging TS I think)


Cobalt. :slight_smile:


When the game is about run its course the very last tier should be anti-matter


After watching twitch, I’m pretty sure pg needs to test those dragons on defence bases. Well, was already sure before. Talk about bad dragons :rofl::rofl:


@PGCrisis @PGLawson Leos’s portrait on the Season tab “homescreen” shows Cannon Resist instead of Fire Turret Resist.


Exactly, which is it??