Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview


Fire resist.


On the twitch stream today, PGLawson said that the Lightning Familiar will be like Dodo Guardian in terms of it being un-killable, as opposed to Apophet’s Shadow. There was no response when I asked if it’d have the same bug with having two dragons with summon, but it’s probably safe to assume that it’ll have the same issue :see_no_evil:


Wait for real Lightning Familiar is unkillable i read that correctly right…


Yes, that’s what PGLawson said and specifically used Dodo Guardian as an example :slight_smile:


:star_struck:Looks like i may know which way to go now… or i could wait for the 3rd dragon to release :thinking:


I’m gonna wait for someone who has the dragon to confirm - anyone out there can confirm!!??

EDIT: how boring tho its just gonna be Kinn v2 now…


to be honest for me as a level 57 (just) i got Kinn as my only dragon the first season i played and didn’t even get her a green evolve so for me pretty cool.
However i do understand what you mean, Some more diversity in dragon spell sets instead of 2.0 dragons would greatly benefit the future of the game.


We need the designer of the dragons, and responsible for the balance of towers and dragons to be higher level. Please level up them. Outside of event of course, so wouldn’t have a team benefiting from this exponential levelling.
Only playing at higher level, they will be able to design an end game dragon. Spells that work on lower levels, not necessary work on higher levels. Take amarok for example, most people in here loved amarok when we were lower level, but would hate him if he were obsidian.

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Wasnt Leos shield supposed to be red ? hmm

I mean that way only red mage could cancel it and nothing more…
Very sad that it is a blue spell afterall… really :frowning:


The image was incorrect. It’d basically be a white spell if the shield was red.


Not really… it could be cancelled with red mage, but that makes things very different now for sure!

First the hunters spell isnt +150, only 50% ( what a waste), and now Leos too… Not that well.


Not really, look at invert or reverse projectiles. Their duration didn’t get canceled by a red mage shot.


Maybe I wrong but I’m pretty sure that the base they were hitting in the demo on Twitch last night had mostly lv60 towers. It’s not a real account so player level vs layout don’t necessarily match. :thinking:


I know it. But the ones flying were low level. Also the ones developing it are low level. Nothing against, off course. But they lack the necessary knowledge and experience to understand how a higher level works. This could be solved, if they were to increase their level, to be able to experience what a higher level needs


Thats right, but on the other hand a thing as summoning did. So it would work as that.


@PGCrisis can the summon die or not? Why do we get different info from the stream?
What a mess, you guys need to stop messing with the skills!

Avyx’s Dark Flak resist was changed to Ice Resist.
Leos’ shield color is unclear and he shows Cannon Resist instead of Fire Resist.
Equestor’s summon says it can die but on stream they say it can’t.

Does anyone there know what they are doing?


@Pgcrisis Can you please tell that why there isnt any glyph available in this event ? You have given 3 runes but what we are supposed to put on those glyph part ? Glyphs are always been short in game and now you just took them away !
Well done :clap:t2:


There are only 2 slots available for runes and yet you have given 3 runes, can we get atleast one glyph for every dragon ?

  • Ice vs Dark Flak Resist: This was addressed somewhere below the preview notes that the detail popup was accurate (Ice Turret Resist) and image inaccurate.
  • Leos’s shield is blue and now uses a modified Blast Shield icon instead of a red Fire Shield. It is Fire Resist, but the image is incorrect.

Confusing season preview/live :see_no_evil:


Very good point, I don’t see a reason why those runes aren’t changed to glyphs.
Glyphs can be earned through events only and so can those season runes.
Runes can be dropped from chests so we have tons of runes and no glyphs.

Oh wait, almost forgot that PG doesn’t really care about the same useless glyphs in every single event…