Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview


All 3 runes for Talon Frenzy ! same case with other dragons too ! so should we waste our one rune ? PG is saying that ?
These wont even equip on any other so that we will save it


That rune also sucks since its duration instead of damage percentage. The damage modifier is very low already. Le sigh


The mythic boosts it up to 1.8x per the stream (would be nice to have those details in the description…), closer to a cheap and longer lasting chaos then, but I’m still waiting and seeing.


agreed. no one cares about its duration… As in most cases we have about .5 seconds to use it before hitting a blue mage. HM are more useful for this dragon.

PG please make these runes wither HM or so it increases Damage of that spell, not duration.


3 dragon specific runes is beyond ridiculous to comical.


In the twitch stream, I believe pgLawson said Lightning Familiar had approximately 5x Equestor’s health, and would be difficult to bring down. He said he didn’t expect it to ever die, but that it could, and was similar to Apophet’s Shadow in you couldn’t resummon.


The major problem is that the familiar isn’t targetted. So the sorceror has almost no way of mitigating incoming damage. Merkt v3


Agree unless they change the attack order of the familiar to target towers in order of dps. Doubt that will happen tho.


I don’t know if it has been brought up in this thread but if Equestor summon triggers extract essence by destroying the towers in priority order (can’t remember which but usually red or blue mage) it’s not very practical.

I’d like to get full control on extract essence. I’d suggest that the lightning summon should focus the same target as your main Dragon and only switch to “priority targets” when there’s no input from the player…

I wonder if this could even be possible… What do you think @PGPulse? Is it even remotely feasible for the dev team?


What just pick one of the 3 you’ve swiped? Does it change every swipe? Good idea to get more control but I think this is going to be in the too hard category.


Oops… I was thinking like a warrior…my bad :grin:

But this could be tweaked… Like a sub menu on the Dragon profile to change the priority order for targets…?


Hmm create your own summon… I like it! :+1:


So I have Leos and have a question. So from my understanding Leos yellow spell applies a debuff to the tower it damages making the tower take increased damage. My question is does the debuff persist after Leos dies? Does a following dragon gain from him trying to apply his debuff to as many towers as possible? @PGCrisis


If it’s like Dodo Guardian, the order is:

  1. storm
  2. mages (often blue first for a 2nd shield)
  3. flaks
  4. all other damage dealing towers
  5. totems
  6. rss buildings
  7. base (though sometimes it’ll switch to the base before hitting the rss building again)


They answered this already, cant remember where, might have been a stream but it was from PG.

The Epic rune is so that lower level players have access to a rune as well (People who wont neccesarily finish the tier and get the Legend and Mythic runes) It is also so there is a rune immediately available for the new dragon you just got. Instant gratification.

Works well for people who simply collect all the dragons and don’t max them. They now have a usefule rune for them. A little bit for everyone.


Yes was mentioned in the stream I believe. However, I’m with those here that want a glyph. Happy for the first epic and legendary to be runes to reward players earlier. But those that make it to the end should be rewarded with a mythic glyph. They mentioned they didn’t want a super stacked spell (epic rune, legendary rune and mythic glyph will all stack). I get that. But they could have made the a universal glyph such as rage, wisdom, or a resist buff, or a glyph relevant to another spell the dragon has (e.g. HM)


I like that they have made it more accessible for lower tier players.

I personally would have liked both legend and mythic to be glyphs as it was mentioned before, glyphs are hard to come by. Especially unique spell specific glyphs. We all have the opportunity to get rage runes (though they are fairly rare :expressionless:) but glyphs for the most part are only event rewards.

Hopefully they start releasing more rage glyph event rewards so they are a little more common for everyone. (:dizzy_face:<me holding my breath)

Yes, I do need more healing mark runes for sure. :blush:


Im wondering why the legend rune only lists duration. Shouldnt it have a secondary effect like the mythic. The epic should have a secondary too for that matter. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: Its only rare and below that has only primary effect.


I have a question regarding the runes in Equestor’s line. If i were to grab the Legendary and Mythic Thunderbolt runes and put them on my Borgian who already has one Thunderbolt rune on him would that give him +3 bounces of Thunderbolt???

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i hope pgpulse is the correct person to tag…


Ooh I hadn’t thought about that! Interesting! :joy: