Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview


You can actually try it with the epic one as that one already gives +1 bounce. I may get equestor just for this!


Shhhhh! I didn’t post about my Borg because I wanted to test it out first. :grin::joy::joy::joy::joy:


And what was the result? :male_detective:


I don’t have enough Sigils yet. I spent on the egg token boost :joy::joy:


Yeah me too… Let’s see then! Hopefully someone can confirm on here soon!


Eh its good that they are caring so much for low level players :man_shrugging:t2: but majority of players do 1 line first then go to any other dragon, so 3 runes for 1 dragon is just bulshit and low level peeps can get Epic and Legendary one, so they should make a mythic glyph atleast !
@pgcrisis @pgjared can you please see this thing and atleast put a single glyph ?


… Jared’s out for a little while. Won’t do any good to tag him.


I have an idea to make Equestor a fun and viable dragon that people will wants…!

First, Extract essence on a sorcerer is pretty useless if you cannot chose what tower you will destroy first.

Plus, it is WINTER season! We want Icy spells!
Finaly, Lighting resist is Useless!!

So here are 2 spell combination I propose!

1st = summon as it is right now- White Umbral spike - Extract essence - Ice shock

2nd = summon as it is right now- Thunderbolt-Elemental Barrier-Ice shock (3 white spells, but might be fun, anyway, if your rage is drained youre screw)


I also would like a dragon with only one spell that kills every tower on the base and is purple colored…(sarcasm)

This is funny because this would never happen… EVER! PgLawson said on stream they were going to limit the number of white spells on dragons because they don’t want too many dragons running around immune to mage towers in the big leagues. Not a good idea to make the people who spend huge sums of money for level 60 mage towers to just be trumped by a dragon that isn’t even effected by them. It’s just not realistic…

When coming up with ideas try to make a dragon that would take strategy to fly and not just casting a couple spells and/or having complete immunity to towers. Make a dragon with a defensive and an offensive spell(Not all white insta-kill damaging spells) Use your imagination!


I would like to point out that extract essence works just fine on Rhyo

Equestor is modeled on him.

The only issue I see with equestor atm, is that his summon is apophets, instead of kinnarus.

Aka he has no way to avoid damage to the main dragon.


And from that i wonder why Kinnarus has a shield when dodo is the one targeted first and Equestor has no shield (not counting EE storm) and gets targeted like Apophet does…


I never noticed that and I fly Kinnarus a fair amount. I thought it was the same damage sink as Apophets Shadow except with infinite hp. :thinking::thinking: They are described the same in game. Only difference is Kin has shield


I’ve seen kinnarus dodo draw a lot of shots, until the dodo passes a tower, then the tower switches to Kinn herself.

I have no idea about apophet - never hatched.

Edit: seems its only if another summons was used, honestly I never use sorcerers ;(


They are the same. Only 33% of the damage is taken by the summon, 67% is taken by the dragon on every shot.

Apophet was one of my first Sapphires, I flew him to extinction and still use him sometimes. Once they buff his shadows hp with the spell rebalance he will be awesome again


Kinn’s dodo isn’t targeted unless another dragon with a summon warrior esque spell goes before kinn.


Do we know in what order the Lightning familiar will target towers?
Will it be the same as dodo (Storm > Blue > Red > etc?)


Unless it was specifically changed for the Lightning Familiar (why go through the hassle?):


My leo shield does not heal 35%… what i get in game is 10% … WHY!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: thats not what i expaect for my money


Try to get a screen shot just before you go around a turn and then right after you heal (on the turn). It’s been healing about 1/3 health for me (which is about what 35% would look like) so pics would be helpful.


Borgian’s Thunderbolt and Equestor’s Thunderbolt are same spell so it should work :slight_smile:

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