Winter 2021 atlas badge lines sheet

The new atlas season has a fairly different structure with some new lines popping in. I’ve made a new sheet with the lines, let me know if you find any errors. These are the main changes:

  • Elite gear line: Unchanged
  • Mythic gear line: 10% cost increase, prizes unchanged
  • Exotic gear line: 4 pieces of exotic gear, locked behind completing all 4 elite gear lines first
  • Blue Shard line: gold and tanok shard alternatives to blue shards added, cost unchanged
  • Champion rider line: New, unlocks new Tanok levels, requires completing the blue shard line first
  • Primarch boost line: gold from 5m to 13m, couple of bullhorns replacing red shards, 40% cost increase

I’ll also add a summary page like the regular lines have as soon as I find the time.


Not that it really matters for me, but seems silly to require the blue shard atlas line before the champion line, when they have no new atlas riders to spend them on for those who already have all the atlas riders.

Either way, thanks as always for all that ya do.


Thanks for the breakdown

I wish all the gold pack prizes had the option to take either 500k packs or 1m or 2m packs just to cut down on all the tapping. So much damn tapping to use those things.
If the prize is x12 500k packs then give us the option of x3 2m packs

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You can get the Tanok shards instead of the blue shards in the rider line. If you don’t have Tanok, that is the only way you can get him from 1-50.


Oh ok cool, didn’t realize that. Good for people that don’t have him then.

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