Winter Divine Dragons so far

I have not used my sigil yet :grin: How are the Winter Divines shaping up?


And for the sake of 10 characters - still poorly


:unamused: oh dear that’s not good :persevere:

Think like this, you get hunters, or Perch dragon. Period. This season, all perch dragon unless PG do some changes

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Or you wait and get a new rider :laughing:


I got the token boost. Now I’m waiting to see what else comes out. I’m in no hurry to get any of these guys.

Token boost then hold out for riders. Hoping for a wind and an earth for hau and save wind for Noctua (but use on kinnarus in the meantime probably)

I like the new organization but, am I missing where it tells you what type of dragon each one is?

It was an oversight in-game, but it’s covered here:

Avyx = Dark
Equestor = Wind
Leos = Fire

Even more accurate is checking in game via the breeding castle in the divines tab, orange tier :slight_smile:

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They were upset last season that the rider got “overlooked” (?) so this season they’re delaying the riders release so everyone can see how bad the dragons are and then go for their riders with enthusiasm. That’s my understanding of it


Mmmhhh you are probably right about the rider… I like the spells on 2headed pony :joy:

I think based on the way riders are introduced, i am assuming that either this season’s main warrior or mythic hunter will be having Ice element and Ice rider will be dispatched to complement one of them.
Reasons being:

  1. There is only one obsidian ice dragon.
  2. Avyx- already has rider, Equestor- wind rider declared, all we wait is to see what the element of the third main season dragon has.
  3. Its winter after all. Even if PG says dragons are not all wintery, imo they would still release atleast one ice dragon.( I am guessing mythic will be ice element )

Even if i ignore the third point, there may be a chance of fire rider to complement Leos.

I thought they said already tis a Wind rider and a Dark rider coming?

Two dark riders in a row wouldn’t be that great :frowning:

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I don’t remember dark being mentioned for the second one, but wind is mentioned on the blog for the first one, and the two weeks into the season was from the twitch stream.

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The only one that I have decided for going for is the token boost. Can’t say it’s bad…:eyes::wink:
Leos-needs a way to kill farms. Others wise, very amazing tank and will last a really long time in battle.
Equestor- Familiar has to target the right towers so that EE can be used properly. If you canld the choose the order, the summoned drag attacks, it will be amazing. Needs a defensive spell.
Avyx - :nauseated_face:needs a white spell and buff frenzy big time
Rider-praying it will be good.

I think the main warrior will be Earth and so we should expect Earth rider… Just a feeling…

A rider just for hau you say? :eyes:

Well if you look carefully, you can make out the outline and features of the incoming dragons… Warrior is looking like a chimaera or a bull, something very bulky… The Mythic Hunter well… I already know which reference he’s based from… Because roman games have other names… So I think he will be Wind.

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