Winter Forums Contest - Holidays in Space

Happy Holidays, Dragon Lords!

It seems like it’s about time we get back to having some more fun on the forums. I have been hearing tell-tale of Contests that used to run back in the days when my Community Manager Ancestors roamed the forums. Well, it’s time to unearth those ancient traditions. IT’S CONTEST TIME, BAYBEEEE. I’m not here to reinvent the wheel, so let’s get right to it.

This will be very similar in style to previous creative contests (very similar, in fact, I’m stealing this copy from a prior contest), which have had so many beautiful and dynamic entries. This month will be centered around Winter in Space! Even space dragons and warriors celebrate the holidays, right? Well they do when we get to invent them!

How to Submit an Entry to the Contest

  • Create something that mixes Dragons, Holidays, and Space!
    • Examples include drawings, songs, short stories, baking, etc.
  • Entries will need to be submitted as uploaded images to this Forums thread, links to the work online (via social media or otherwise), links to videos on Youtube or Vimeo, or uploaded PDFs.
  • Only one entry can be submitted per player.
    • If you submit multiple entries, please indicate which entry you would like to be considered.

Who will be judging the entries?

  • Entries will be judged by the War Dragons Team.

How long will this contest run? When will winners be announced?

  • This contest will run from today, November 25th, to December 16th. Winners will be announced on December 17th.

What are the prizes for this contest?

  • 1st Prize :
    • One War Dragons T-Shirt (Sizes S - XL)
    • One War Dragons Atlas Poster
    • 10,000 Eclipse Sigils and 10,000 Rubies
  • 2nd Prize :
    • One War Dragons T-Shirt (Sizes S - XL)
    • One War Dragons Atlas Poster
    • 8,000 Eclipse Sigils and 8,000 Rubies
  • 3rd Prize :
    • One War Dragons T-Shirt (Sizes S - XL)
    • One War Dragons Atlas Poster
    • 6,000 Eclipse Sigils and 6,000 Rubies

Good luck, Dragon Lords!



Can I submit
:chunk: and win or is that too easy?


This is great. Let me pull out my pencil and paper and see if I still have that drawing touch :joy: - Haven’t done it in so long lol.

I didn’t participate in the first one because I was uninterested, but I may participate in this one just because.


Once upon a time there was a little dragon that wanted to goto space.

Little dragon asked Momma dragon if he could goto space and she said “dragons don’t goto space, it’s too cold”

Little Dragon went to Papa Dragon and asked if he could goto space but Papa dragon said “dragons don’t goto space, it’s too cold”

Just then Little dragon had a great idea. He flew around and lit fire to every village then came home.

Little dragon flapped in the front door and told Momma and Papa dragon “everything is on fire now so it will keep space warm”… then they all hugged.

… Dragons are kinda messed up.






@PGGalileo Is this supposed to be a pure announcement thread or a discussion thread? Just wondering :hugs:


WHAT ABOUT THE COLOR CHANGING CUP?!?! It’s the only reason I joined the contests. :pleading_face:


I would join but my art skill has drifted from dragons to Furries and humans unfortunately. I could probably still give this thing a shot if I can find the time(I’ve been drawing snakes recently too).


I want to contribute to this :grin: i will draw my master piece of a Christmas with a black hole, a star and a lot of dragons :smile_cat:

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You forget DODO PLUSHIES! :pleading_face:



Reuploaded because I forgot to add a dragon.

My First Entry


I may upload a better one later, but I don’t feel like retrying this :joy: — when and if I decide to do a better one, this one will either be edited out or deleted. This is horrendous, but it’s the effort that counts, right? :sweat_smile: — and if you still haven’t been able to find out what it is, it’s Hauheset in front of a sun. Looks more like a toddler’s doodling than any real art :joy: — I’ll probably embarrass myself just by posting this, but whatever :rofl: — haven’t done this in a while.

I have decided to withdraw this entry, and I’ve made a slightly better one (I think it’s better) in post #36. Instead of deleting or editing anything out, I’ve just gone ahead and hid this entry. Anyone who comes across it can click on it to view it if they please.


Jalen it looks great!

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”
-Someone Famous

Also, at the risk of making a fool of myself, where’s the upload image button?


Thanks, and it’s right here where the arrow is pointing…

Edit: it’s the one on the left.




The contest is figuring out what this thread is supposed to be! Wrong answers only >:)


We don’t have access to some stuff right now because of the 'rona :frowning:


Early sign up for Xmas Eve screening of the original Mary Poppins.

This is a thread talking about Chunk, the whole Chunk, and nothing but Chu-crap! You said wrong answers only, my bad


There once was a dragon called dragon.
Who wasn’t very good at bragging (bragon)
He said he was the best.
Then soiled himself (in his nest?)
And his mum had to clean it up whilst gagging (Gagon)

I’ve put the words in brackets as how you should say it so as what it rhymes, and stuff. It’s not very spacey, or holidaysy, so I done the picture as well.


We have a Winner. This is it.