Winter Forums Contest - 🎶 Let it Burn, Let it Burn, Let it Burn


Wow, that turned out great! It makes me want to draw Snowdrop for my entry now :laughing: But I have an idea for Tarand…

Edit: Sooo I don’t like trying to draw Tarand after all :laughing: I’ll try to come up with something else…


I’m just posting this as a little display of my horrible face drawing skills but here’s a Santa Myers for now!

I’m laughing at how bad my feeble attempt at drawing a person is! :joy: Thoughts?
This isn’t my entry. My entry is the Gunnar sketch


Look forward to seeing your entry :slight_smile: You have great art skills :paintbrush:


Do you mind if I also do a picture of snowdrop? I was looking at algor but I don’t like his design nearly as much :sweat:


Thanks :hugs::blush:


This took awhile.
Featuring: The NUTFLAKER
Hope y’all enjoy :slight_smile:


My beautiful photo shop of a Christmas Neptus with the new rider Loki who has a candy cane staff.

ChrissyNep’s special attack is 1 rage white spell, stealing gifts. Where he fires out a green grinch shot and Instantly kills tower. His second ability is 1 rage blue spell. Loki surprise. Short Invisibility that slows momentum and at end of cloaking explodes in a “surprise” damnaging near by towers. His passive skills are Grinches breath where lingering traces of Neptus shots left and Jotunn skin (ice Turrent resistance).


Hey everyone, Shimear here. I see some great drawings so far. Here’s my entry, done mostly with sharpies, with just a touch of other mediums. I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and Happy New Year! The title is Christmas Dragon:


I’ve seen yours, Liz, it’s turning out great so far :wink:


Alrighty, I managed to finish mine. Here is a winter frost dragon whose design is inspired by Snowdrop. As before, I have included a link to the youtube post which has the edited exported video that Procreate can export. Total time spent on the drawing is about 8.5 hours, including sketching out the base design of the dragon before I started working on a new canvas.


here’s a dragon based off cavaliers’ portrait watching fireworks for new years took a bit but worth it.


Waiting for Santa



When I was off for holidays, filled with singing, love and golria’s,
From my window I looked upon this world of snow and winter ice,
I thought of how the world dies and all do pay the price.
The world dies in winter heart frozen by falls demise,
The trees their skeleital fingers reaching for the skies,
The skyways a frozen battlefield where one could lose their life,
And troops upon the ground take chance for from heaven falls fire and death and strife.
Those godly creatures of light and dark, Dragon be their name,
Have within them power to bring both endless joy or pain.
Their soulless victims forever dammed,
Their pounds of flesh from them banned,
Their endless vigil forever manned.
And as I stand rooted in this place,
Dragon rule above me with otherworldly skill and grace,
My spirit longs to soar with them, BE FREE the scream they call to me,
As my soul begins to leave and my body begins to whither,
I become one with them, I join their call,
The etheral War Dragons of Winterjol,
I can’t help but once more think of how the world dies in winter

By Sinosagin


Merry Christmas, from Haplo!!

Twas the night for a poem that started with ‘twas’
to copy this cadence which no one else does

The den was all stocked with mutton and veal
plus seafood, like orca and also a seal
Draco and Scorchil controlled the remote
to watch Christmas specials plus Murder She Wrote

And onto the cave floor they’d settled their bones
to stream shows like Rudoph or watch Game of Thrones
When a loud BAM was heard; the whole mountain shook
They looked at each other to see who’d go look

After rock paper scissors Quetz went out in the night
He sensed right away something not right
He smelled something warm, mammalian scent
inhaled once again to find what it meant

When what to his reptilian eyes did appear
but a fat human male and eight little deer
and quickly into his mind it did dawn
he could keep this a secret and eat them all gone!

The man stood up with a groan and some farts
He was portly and short and dressed in Carhartts
His boots were untied, his shirt was untucked
A hole in his pants sealed with tape meant for ducts

His eyes were all bloodshot, his cap topped with a ball
As for height, he was just short of six feet tall
His cheeks were not rosy, though he did have a belly
Quetz didn’t think to compare it with jelly

And as for his weight, it was near 16 stone
That’s about 220 for those who are counting at home
I’ll skip some of this – the original book
put thirteen long lines to describing his look

The noise, it had come when he landed his sled
The deer were all munching Kaiju’s flower bed
With a grunt and a groan round the sleigh he now strode
The man staggered, stumbling under his load

A polar bear carcass, all drippy and steaming
Quetz opened his maw, his teeth all a’gleaming
“My sleigh hit this bear on an ice floe, adrift,
but his loss is for you a great Christmas gift!”

“The gift is for you, your sisters, and brothers,
I truly hope you’ll share it with others!”
He looked truly pleased, to have this to share
Quetz looked at the man and then looked at the bear

Then after some time the drakes in their lair
went out when they realized that Quetz wasn’t there
They found him asleep, in a three-minute span
He’d eaten a bear, eight deer and a man




Oh no! Not Orca :scream::rofl::rofl:


steals orca from the story

There we go! No ones eating Orca tonight


Here’s my entry of an Ice Dragon with a galaxy ring behind it.:smiley:


So many great entries!
This is my thanks to the War Dragons team for creating a wonderfully enjoyable game.
Free hand colored pencil, ball point and gel pens on Jan 3rd 2019.


I goofed up in a few places and didn’t have the right shade of green for his body, but I had to draw Gunnar! He’s definitely been my fav dragon so far.