Winter Forums Contest - 🎶 Let it Burn, Let it Burn, Let it Burn



Wow, there are some AMAZING entries here!! Today’s the last day to get yours in if you haven’t done so already, so be sure to post before this thread closes later today! :slight_smile: :snowflake:


Ok let’s win this one too.


The Arborius Christmas tree!


@AdorableAdohan very well done! The addition of your spell explanation puts it over the top. You’ve got my vote! (@Warlord you get my sympathy vote :kissing_heart:)


What time does the contest close exactly please?

Edit : I’m working on my entry and I’d like to know how much time I have left :grin:


We’ll be closing it down pretty soon, likely tomorrow morning when @Arelyna wakes up. I’d recommend you set a placeholder in your post to add your entry in as a future edit and it will still be counted for the contest!


Like this?

(Entry in construction)


Yep, that’s totally fine. :slight_smile: You should have the rest of this evening to get your entry in, as well.


The Magic of Christmas.

Touch to expand the story

Disclaimer : sorry it was probably a bit long for a “short story” (what’s a short story?) but when I get started there’s no way to stop me :joy: It’s so long I was almost ashamed of submitting it… Almost :eyes:

Also it is possible you find grammar mistakes, please keep in mind that English is not my first language :wink:

I hope everyone enjoy it! :blush:



Once again, I apologize for the delay here! Here are our winners this time!

  1. @Kardul w/ The Magic of Christmas Story

  2. @Shimear with a Dragon Holiday Drawing

  3. @WuffyCerulei w/ a Holiday Gunnar