Winter Forums Contest: Un-brr-lieveable Prizes Await You!

Dragon lords,

Bored this chilly evening? How rudolf you to say that! For goodness flake! It almost seems like you’ve just walked in on a winter pun-der land… are you ready for the real thaw-some news?

Welcome to the Winter Forums Contest!

This will be very similar in style to previous creative contests, which have had so many beautiful and dynamic entries. This contest will be centered around Winter Holidays and gingerbread man munching dragons!

We will have 5 categories with 1 winner from each, selected by the War Dragon’s team and myself. Each winner will receive a $50 value of their choice! The contest will run from now, until the ball drops on New Years Eve (12/31)! And winners will be announced in the new year.

Without further adore, our thaw-some categories are as follows:

  • Best winter-themed war dragons food photo
  • Best fan art
  • Best poem
  • Best prose
  • Best flight demo video of a wave 1 dragon

Please limit your entries to one per category, if you submit more than one post per category, please denote which you’d like to be judged.

It should go without saying, but please only submit your own original work.

Good Luck! :snowman_with_snow:

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Yas!!! I was hoping for another contest! I’m in!

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Okay for my uneducated brain, really its just the fact that i just woke up :laughing:, what is the sugar plum fairy is a prose?

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Any written work that is not poetry or songs basically; such are novels, short stories, scripts too. :grin:

I wonder which category our singers shall apply this time :slight_smile:
Also if you potentially create a poem, make it into a song, singing it whilst showing demo of new winter dragons meanwhile eating a freshly baked dragon cake… can it pretend for several categories? :joy:


Thanks for informing me on what a prose was. Youre the bomb atomic XD

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:musical_note: You know Leos and Kirin and Jarl and Gunnar
Tarax and Quasar and Aerow and Krampi
But do you recall
The most famous dragon of all?

Chunk the hippo dragon
Had a very toothy grin
And if you every saw it
You would even say it shines

All of the other dragons use to laugh an call him names
They never let poor chunkie
Join in any dragon games!

Then one foggy Christmas eve
RuRu came to say
“Chunk with teeth so white
Won’t you join my fight tonight?”

Then how the dragons loved him as they shouted out with glee!
“Chunk the hippo dragon, you’ll go down in history!” :musical_note:

Sung in the tune of Rudolph the red nose reindeer XD
Sorry I had to. The idea was to perfect in my mind.
Also only seemed fitting that the eight “reindeer” were 8 winter season dragons and chunk, being the only one thats not took Rudolph’s place.
Also had to throw ruru in for santa of course



And tbh this deserves to win lol


If this doesn’t win, I’m quitting. 11/10, absolute perfection


@Flame would this be poem or prose?

“a poem set to music is a song, while a song that does not involve music is a poem.”

At least thats what google says when i looked up, “does a song count as a poem”
So id say its a poem if its suppose to be a spin off of Rudolph the red nose reindeer, which is a poem more or less set to music :woman_shrugging:
But im not the judge

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Im going to go with it’s a poem!

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My submission for poetry:

Of Friends and Fire

Out from the warmth of home,
Into darkness and bitter cold.

Snow flakes full and feathered,
Like the stars themselves falling from the heavens.

Buildings stand tall, glimmering and flashing,
With the lights and sounds of the season.

On a bench here I met someone,
Who spoke of battles bitter,
And glory unparalleled.
Of careful plans,
And gleeful carelessness.

And above all, beasts,
Tall and proud, mighty and majestic,
Roaming the skies and the skies of minds.

They recalled for me memories long lost—

A lone warrior. Fierce. Aloft the back of a beast,
Wind whipping through the wings beneath them.
Hands stuffed in pockets for warmth.
A fight for survival, a fight for freedom—

A struggle. Long. Between veterans of fire.
Alliances and betrayals, rises and falls.
The breath of a commander,
Frozen in the air,
As they give the order to kill—

A pact. Turned kinship. Friends forged,
Through the fire of their fabled steeds.
Friends and fire to forget the icy cold.
Friends and fire to live.

All this they told me.
And I returned to my humble home.
Out from the cold uncaring world,
To the warmth of family.


Does it have to be Christmas themed?

Maybe winter themed? Like snowflakes and stuff?

Oooo a hot chocolate themed dragon fan art! xd

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Nope! It can relate to any winter holiday, tradition, theme, etc


What about us in the Southern Hemisphere with extremely hot Christmas and summer temperature :sunglasses::smirk:

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Then I expect your dragons to be wearing red and green or blue at their beach parties


Sometimes dragons make mistakes and get in trouble, start running


Flame I’m sorry when’s the cutoff for this competition?

Id say January 1st. Because when the ball drops its the new year