Winter Season '22 - Tami's Newsletter

Heya! :smile:

Business as usual :blush:

I will be posting all of my creations here about the new winter season!

If there’s anything you guys would be interested in seeing, please reply and I’ll do my best to accommodate requests.

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**Wave 1**


Enten - Mythic Earth Sorcerer

Zephyr - Mythic Wind Hunter

Mogorot - Mythic Dark Warrior

Garmir - Legendary Ice Invoker


Atlas Season


Do you know if well be get the info on what element the winter dragons are before the emd of fort? Or has pg not giving you guy in CF permission to let us know?

Any timeline on this or will PG be giving info at the last minute 1-2 days before the start? I miss the days when we got the info 1-2 weeks in advance so we were able to plan how to finish current season…

All information are going to release today, 10am PT :slight_smile:


Cool! Thank you!

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@Tami will we see the spells today ?

U’ll get all information about next season today including spells, spotlights, season structure and visuals :hugs:


Updated :snowflake:


Where will we see the post?

The invoker looks funny to fly :joy:

Look at the first post on this topic.


what the hell …the spell DARK BURDEN of the warrior?
takes 20% of its max HP as damage??? so I need equip +HP rune/glyph or remove them?

But he heals when he kills everything, isn’t that similar to Tez? His health was crazy because of it.

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I suddenly feel Sorath’rim is a super strong dragon.

I just thought there was going to be something at 10 PST 1 PM EST os where I was trying to find out about

Everything which was announced for 10am PT is in the OP above, that’s what paper mean.


TY for the info

The warrior seems like a flimsy paper weight on paper the sorcerer looks kinda decent but odds are it’s going to turn out terrible on paper but here’s my beef giving a hunter a sorcerer’s summon?!? That seems a little OP especially combined with the rage spell, Honorable Wings and Snow Decoy I’m not saying this will happen but odds are it’s definitely going to need nerfed if barely anyone can touch him.

No, it’s nothing like Tez (Tez also wasnt good). Tez recovered HP over time, not by killing towers. In 3s of breath boost you might kill 1-2 towers defended. That’s 2% hp recovered at the cost of 20%. He has no way to kill towers outside of his breath so he will constantly be losing HP just to boost his breath on top of getting hit by towers.

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Not really, I‘d much rather have a cloak instead of a weak summon. 13% of mod hp is nothing, probably around 1B hp for a maxed hunter. Also the summon gets wrecked by mages and the damage might not be good as well depending whether the value gets divided by two as usual with dps to ammo conversion or not. Not a good spell overall, especially not with cost of 2 rage and considering it performed poorly even in the preview vid, which usually has quite weak towers