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I’m having trouble deciding between getting Gunnar or Mountos; any suggestions? Is one a noticeably better branch in terms of the individual nodes? Is Gunnar really fun or strong for a mid-game player?

Also are the exotic dragon glyphs in the LTB worth it?
I could possibly get one but I’m also think of saving the sigils and just getting more draconic chests when they come around.

Gunnar won’t be useful in compare to recent mythics like barbend, Nockmar etc. it all depends your level and what mythcis you have.

Target for draconics as highest priority



You can check @Morreion 's sigil lines spreadsheet for the nodes yourself.

Only against players who haven’t really been playing Atlas. Else, it will struggle with anmo.

I’d generally value draconic chests higher over an exotic glyph of +10% Attack and +12% HP, but I ended up being able to claim all of draconic chests at the end of the festive branch even after claiming some LTBs, so I went for it.


Probably another PG “we will try it out and see what happens” then a few moths from now they will take it away.


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Way to ruin a Monday. :frowning:
Like it needs anymore reason to suck :joy:


“Boo” Fight Pits needs removed. That or just fixed but odds are we need another way to get our ammo runes instead of a lackluster PvP. At least it’s a limited time branch and trading post.

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