Winter Season Divine Dragons


We are about three weeks away from Winter season starting and I am dying to know more about the winter divines. @Pixxel Can you tell us anything. come on you are the hype woman hype us up!!!:hugs:


I predict they will be expensive, pretty and utterly disappointing :slight_smile:


I foresee a righteous warrior in our future…


I would have to say in the last two seasons I’ve participated in I have found atleast 1 dragons I love and kicks butt. Don’t go into it with a negative attitude because you will oversee something great. Like I did with Kinnarus. My next question is when is the game going to create a universal stone? I know it’s not fair to the people who actually got them all and kicked butt but it’s not fair for us too. Just once pleaseee :anguished:


just search winter season dragon…or click this link!..pretty awesome I think


I saw that too but unfortunately it’s not the dragon they are using. They said it’s already in the works. So we will see :slight_smile:


Hee, the hype will be brought very soon!

It’s currently unclear the method in which older divines will be brought back, if at all, but it’s been highly requested and is on our team’s radar.
Once any sort of concrete details are formed one way or another, we’ll certainly share!


Where is the dislike button?! @TheRedDelilah


No old divines, no no no no no no no no no no.

But I am pumped for the NEW divines, with NEW art coming next season. New is exciting and shiny!


For every “request” you’ve had on this, I’m sure there were twice as many in protest.


More like 5 for every request. :joy:

I wish I had played this game when Nightshade was on… but no to bringing the oldies back.


Unless it’s some sort of dragon gallery or Hall of Fame, I’m opposed!!! Nooooo!!


Gotta agree with not bringing back old divines, it was a perk for the older players. Only one that should ever come back should be dodo…just cause.


I have to agree . Bringing the old divines back is basically useless, seeing as with the release of every newtier it makes all the old divines outgunned, and depending on your league, totally useless. I feel there is MUCH more in this game that requires the attention and money of the PG staff over the already contested idea of bringing old divines back.


Dodo has been brought back before. Doesn’t seem special to me anymore, but I didn’t care for it to begin with. Only kind of liked Donivalis, and that was just because of Summon.


Dodo is special cos it looks so stupid. Not because it’s any useful. Good for a laugh :joy:


Maybe a new peptobismol Abbott and Costello…jk Kinnarus is a menace… Kinnarus was like Micheal Keaton or Ben Affleck leading the Batman role. Majority didn’t agree. Now look…:laughing: Whadaya know. Not bad.

I’ll be looking forward to those new winter dragons.


Please let old divines just die


Really looking forward to see the new season dragons! :smiley:


He is a beast, to bad me maxes at sapp, so I won’t get to use him much longer…