Winter Season Predictions

It’s a little rough, but here is how I think the Winter season will play out. Feel free to leave comments & suggestions.

Remember it’s all supposition based on previous event sequence (I only got 5 right last season :crazy_face:)


@Stormcock, might need a little tweaking.

Doubt they will do 2 feeding in the same season

Looking at this history it happened before, but with the last feeding event they shifted from every 9 weeks to a 10-week interval. Feeding as a season finale also seems a bit underwhelming. So I agree it would make sense for them to do that again this season, and have the second feeding one week later to open spring season.

Feeding event is every 9 weeks, Summer season had 2 feeding events. They did push it back 1 week last season to ensure there wasn’t 3 minor events back to back again.

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@Xexamedes only risk with them pushing it back a week again would be 3 consecutive minors. It’s possible, but we have finished seasons on breeding events too i think.

Thank you for the predictions :slight_smile:

We should have a team gauntlet before the next king of the hill. :thinking:


Team Gauntlet happened before King of the hill last season! So imo it should be team gauntlet. But i think they might push in Fight pits as well for next event.

Team Gauntlet did happen before KOTH last season, I moved it further down the list during to it being similar to Fight Pits. I don’t expect them to run consecutively.

I honestly think that Capture the Flag is more similar to Fight pits than Team Gauntlet is to Fight pits. If there were two they wouldn’t run back to back, I’d hope it would be Capture the Flag and Fight Pits.

Capture the Flag with a Bonus meter! :grin::grin:

i think the next event is team gauntlet

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