Winter Season, Season of the Warriors

So I can be the first to admit that i greatly underestimated both Leo’s and Kirin.
Every season i always go for the dragon with white spells. This season i went with Equestor. So far yes he is the top pick out of the main season dragons and i barely took a second look at the bonus dragons. But this season they took a huge boost towards how we even as high levels look at warriors!
Leo’s is weak at first, spells are all blue but once he starts getting higher, he definitely is worth the sigils. Almost everyone’s bases in the game focus on beefing their dark flaks and fire turrets since they both deal the most damage AND can usually take out dragons back to back if defended well. But Leo’s just changed the game. His Dark Flak resist and Fire Turret resist just made this dragon a force to be reckoned with. We all had to rethink our strategies with mama Kinnarus and death dealing Necryx but how are we gonna defend against Leo’s?? It is not going to be easy to figure out a base layout that will ensure his quick death. We all still have a hard time defending against Kinn.
I DEFINITELY underestimated Kirin! The colorful powderpuff dragon that glows and poops sparkles is also a close contender next to the prowress of Leo’s. All white spells! And he does amp up in power very quickly. Can you imagine an attack led by Kirin with that white battle cry, that lasts the whole run by the way, and then the second attacker using Leo’s inheriting the battle cry spell??? If you haven’t chosen your dragons yet…those two would be the ones to get.
My opinion on besr dragons this season, from attacks I’ve witnessed and discussions with others, in order (not including Neptus):

  • Equestor
  • Leo’s
  • Kirin
  • Avyx
  • Gladicus

Avyx >>> than any on that list, but I will agree Leos surprised me.


yeah Leos very strong warrior and better control over equestor EE

Yea Avyx is far more capable, although Kirin will be very useful…would rather have him than Gladicus for sure


For context what level and league are you directing your recommendations to? I think that the dragons really depend on player level, skill and activity and can’t just generally be classified as above


I am a 166, and have talked to multiple players from multiple leagues up to Diamond league :woman_shrugging: Just my opinion, listen don’t listen. Up to the person.

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Kirin will die very very fast on a well built base. Survive long enough to buff war cry twice? Perhaps. However you’re right, Leos as a follower would be a good choice as it has high survivability. It’s weakness is ability to quickly kill, but the war cry buff with Lion’s rage will fix that to some extent.

However, neither dragon individually will be as good as Avyx IMO at same levels. Just my 2c.


I can see that. I’ve flown Avyx on my alternate account and i love my hunters. But Avyx just hasn’t impressed me. Equestor has, and so has Leo’s and Kirin. Avyx just does not stand out like he should to me as a hunter. But he does look cool i can give him that lol

My Leo is level 40 and still weak as hell, when does he start to ramp up?

Mine is at 22 on my alt and he’s pretty outstanding. I’ll go on XP runs on player bases that give me max XP, so usually 20-30 levels above my alt level, and he has been taking them out on his own. Like any dragon it’s all about the timing of his spells.

Leos with addon cloak spell followed by Avyx — killer combo

Season of the warrior? :flushed:. Translation: season without good dragons.


With so many warriors this season I’m thinking they are testing what will make warriors good again. They might be on to something with kirins skill set.

Rather than season of Warriors, I think 2017 is year of Sorcerer (Sorc rules!!!)
Spring : Fae (I didn’t get it, but its spell looks good)
Summer : Kinny (Anyone disagree?)
Fall : Spindra and Anuba (both exceed my expectation)
Winter : Equestor (Loved by many players)

(Not trying to troll, but it’s my thought)

Best season dragon ever (necryx) not a sorcerer. Just sayin.


Zamrok was my fave from summer

Not to insult you, but you aren’t high level if kinn still gives you trouble. A single dark flak above 50 usually kills kinn. As for Leos… I’ve not seen any used on anyone above 250, so I wouldn’t know. A good example of a warrior that is really strong and annoying imo would be moon fang, but he relies on his pure stats (as most warriors do)



My cover got blown…
During that season, the only dragon I can afford is Nyrdyr (no stone).
I saw that Kinnarus really helps a lot of my teammates’ progress, and my base was destroyed by Kinny a lot.

Had an obsidian Leos run my base in war today. It missed a tower :joy: