Winter season Sigal drops

I purchased 100 gold chest and got a pathetic 1550, now is it me or is that just total joke?

Open sequence x 10 chests

1st = 125
2nd = 225
3rd = 0
4th = 575
5th = 375
6th = 0
7th = 250
8th = 0
9th = 0
10th = 0.

This is your friend.


Also this:


Okay, can someone explain how that would help. Having a blond moment.

Or link to an explanation

Chests are on a drop table. Knowing where you are on the tables gives you power.


So it allows me to know what the next 10 will be but nothing I can do to change or skip a set? How does that give me the power. Sorry I really don’t understand.


It simply stops us from having to hear the b!tching and complaining :slight_smile:


You can’t skip sets. The best you can do is not open anymore chests that event and try again in a different event.

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Constructive comment. Thanks. :wink:

Does the sequence get reset then?

IIRC the sequence is the same in each event of the same type (so all breedings, all fortifications). I’m not sure if each type of pvp has the same sequence or not. What does change is your starting position in the sequence.

@OrcaFrost and @Morreion are more knowledgeable about this.


It’s the loot table that changes, so the result will change due to that.


I use it to maximize my take of the item I care most about. You should get about 20 sigils per gold chest on average, so you definitely hit a portion of the sequence that gives a lower amount of sigils, meaning that if you go further, at some point you’ll even out. If you look at Orca’s list, there is a stretch from 7-24 where you get no legendary sigil drops, that is likely what you hit that caused your numbers to be so low.


Looking back at Orca’s lists for prior events, I think its an entirely new sequence for each week (so fort one week will have a different sequence than fort in a prior week). Each player starts at a random place in the sequence, as far as I know.

Thank you, now I understand how we get the power from knowing the sequence.

Basically - if your in a poor position in the sequence don’t spend. :joy:

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Correct. While each fort event (for example) has the same items in each list every time, the ordering gets reshuffled for each event. And then your starting point on each list also gets randomised.

Haha, yes, basically. Alternatively, spend until you are at a point where you got the most of what you wanted for your chests/rubies.

Unless you will complete a full cycle, then it doesn’t matter where you start but you can decide where to stop.

And if you only want to open a little you can sort of decide how much a little is. And sometimes maybe wait for the next event.

EDIT: it’s not every day I get to advise a wizzard on tactical use of information.


Does it matter if you open one by one or ten at a time?

It won’t matter (even if it includes the bonus chests).
The order might be slightly different due to bonus chest but the total items should be same.