Winter Sigil Lines spreadsheet

I’ve got a new sheet with all the prizes for the new winter season. With many thanks to @Zamirathe for doing most of the heavy lifting for this one!

Main changes from last season are the increased cost for dragon and rider lines (with corresponding increases in resource drops), and that there is no electrum line yet.

(last season found here again if anyone wants to compare)


Cumulative cost in dragon line is 38K sigils, is it correct? I thought dragon line cost was 37.5K

Edit: I found a mistake in the legendary dragon branch. Prize 55 is listed as 650 sigils when it actually costs 400.


Thanks for the heads up! I’m currently traveling but will check it later today


Thanks @Morreion, it’s like opening an early Christmas Present.

Will you be adding the other lines at a later date (Festive Dragon, Drakul Pylon, etc.)?


It is actually 55 and 56 that is wrong. So the 2 combined make it 500 sigils total higher than it should be. Sorry I didn’t catch it. :see_no_evil:


Thank you both @Morreion and @Zamirathe :raised_hands:


Thanks Zami, fixed it!


So, I was just updating the Sigil Spender sheet and the first 28 prizes have slightly different prizing and cost then Zel’Noth’s branch. It appears the two dragon lines aren’t standardized. This isn’t just the doubling of prizing either.

Here is the change to Talariok’s branch with the doubled prizing in there.


Aw that would suck. I’m not at home so I’ll have to see when I can have a look at it, worst case I need to give them their own tabs


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Stalks :eyes:


I’ve added Omiros to the sheet! He mostly follows the normal pattern for legendary dragons, with a few significant changes:

  • Nearly all timer drops have increased by a lot
  • The first page has become a bit cheaper, a number of prices are 50 sigils less. This is balanced by some of the timer drops in the second page having increased cost, to end up with the same total.
  • For some reason prize 16 gained a hundred extra embers
  • The timer choice drops on the last page, where you can also pick embers or pearls, have actually been given lower timers. For prize 85, this means the embers are now a better option (those are unchanged). Used to be 115x 12h vs 6300x embers (timers better) but now it’s just 50x 12h vs 6300x embers, and there the embers really win out. For prize 92 it’s gone from 75x 12h to 50x 12h (vs 4200x embers), there the value is about equal so in the sheet totals I’ve given the edge to timers there.

Looking at the summary tab we see that compared to a normal dragon line, Omiros has 417.5 more days and 6400 more embers, with all else being equal.

Compared to the last pylon line, Omiros has 74 less gold chests, and 150 less days of timers. This is of course partly balanced by it also having egg tokens, fragments, embers and rune dust, which the pylon line didn’t have, so overall value is close.

As always the numbers on the sheet are unboosted numbers, without the temporary extra 20%. With the extra 20%, this line does beat the old pylon line handsomely for value.


also has runes themselves

The pylon line didnt have embers?

The fall season is over. Does it really matter? :face_with_monocle:

Right, it did :see_no_evil:


Added the Cosmic Orerry and Electrum Tower branches. As always the values in the sheet are the unboosted values, without the 20% extra.

Some juicy numbers from the summary page (assuming my default picks):

Electrum: 215 golds, 855 days, 32k embers, 90k electrum for 37k sigils
Cosmic 19 platinums, 198 days, 24k electrum for 15k sigils


Added the festive to my sheet, unboosted values as usual.

The line is pretty much identical to last time, except for two changes:

  • There is an extra prize at the end that gives 4 draconics for free
  • The repeatable draconics have a maximum of 150 claims (600 chests)

Is it possible to add ascension token cost to the sheet?