Winter upgrade look is awesome! Thank you

I love it. Thank you


I actually find it WAY easier to see stuff with this theme. It’s beautiful.


If we could pick to combine this + green lava from halloween, there’d be much :green_heart:

Clearly, very high priority :see_no_evil:

Edit: :green_heart: for Orca-type whale reskin too


Green lava :heart_eyes:

The new winter skin looks great,


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Really nice winter skin :grinning: I love it :heart_eyes:

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Where do I get it? Still havent got any updates :man_shrugging:t3:

  • Close the app store & War Dragons in the app switcher
  • iOS: Updates screen & drag down until you see the spinning wheel spinning rapidly before releasing
  • Also, make sure that it’s on Wi-Fi, if you have it set to only use that. There’s a setting where it might switch to 4G/Data if Wi-Fi is weak.
  • Android: Should check automatically upon going to the my apps section
  • Restart the device and retry if not, though there are often delays as things get rolled out

Will try that. Thank you

Yes imo this is by far the best! :grin:

Thank you, I absolutely love this winter theme. .:heart::heart::heart:

That dint work out well for me.

Please leave my base forever like this one!!! Just loved this snow :snowman: Thank you!!!

Really hope the skin becomes a permanent choice. Really easy on the eyes


I find this new witer look unfair towards the other seasons… I hope will be a full sunny-flowery look in summer! :rofl:


The new theme is great. For those who have large piles of wood - pillars, roofs - in their base, please stop the app, clear it from the memory cache then restart it.

I must be in the minority because while the art looks good I find myself not liking the theme because of all the white just being a pain on the eyes and throwing me off with flying. The red targeting circles don’t contrast very well (IMO) so I could imagine someone with actual visual impairments needing higher contrast to have difficulties.

Where is the Snowmen :snowman:?

Snow plow must have hit the Tug of War flags

Can we please have the option to keep it forever?