Winterjol Dragon Changes - Discussion Thread


Please discuss the upcoming changes to the Winterjol Divine Dragons here.

Link to the full announcement:

Winterjol Dragon Changes Releasing This Week
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So now after these nerfs & buffs what are your thoughts
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cue spenders clamouring for refunds


Didn’t expect to see S&H buffed anymore, I may regret giving his Glyph away to another dragon already if these changes really makes him viable. And it looks like they might, 33% more damage during volley is a notable upgrade.


Me neither… Now I still don’t know if I should choose Hildr for cool invader runs or try the “fun” dragon that is S&H… The struggle is still real…

There’s also the third Astrid portrait too…


Okay I’m a big game guy. I play other games. And this is the kind of change I expect.

THANK YOU PG FOR listening.

I believe dragons should be able to get buffed and nerfed to fulfill the role they need to. UVS was slightly underpowered and deserved a buff and this surt nerf is really good.

Thank you! You made Thor very happy.

And for anyone who whines, just stop. It’s for the best of the game. Don’t be selfish, and understand the entirety of the game is more important than ur self. (Surt owner)


My wrists thank you PG!!!

Though more damage is nice for S+H, however i’m not sure if it’s enough to entice people to go for him.

Kinda sad seeing they nerfed the healing that Surt’s burning hatred contains after removing healing from two other spells.

U.V.S. deserved this buff!


This is what i believe in.

Every once in a while the overall game balance should be looked at, considered, and dragon(s)/skill(s)/etc should be adjusted based on overall player feedback. They do it every patch with WoW and other games, so why not here as well :slight_smile:


Well done PG - nicely done. :+1:

[and no this is not a /s comment…]


I think it’s crap, I paid for a special dragon and nerfed twice before season end. Why should i spend anymore on a normal dragon.


When you’re one of the few people who actually wanted to see surt nerfed and they absolutely ruin surt :new_moon_with_face:


I am more than a little annoyed that it took THIS long to announce the changes to surt. Especially as this is right after red letters and many people have committed to dragons that are now different.

Don’t get me wrong, this nerf was the right call. It looks like a fair and reasonable nerf. And that’s from someone who will be getting him tomorrow. But this news is starting to come unacceptably late. People need to have confidence that 1: you guys can balance dragons, and 2: you will work with the GPF to balance things. Please do not make this mistake next season.

The buffs to UVS and Skoll are good to see.

I would like PG to confirm whether this is the final nerf to surt that is planned.


How is he ruined?


I fear that this Thread will be endlessly long for no reason.

Balance has been restored, nuff said.


He is not what i paid for


I mean the changes to Surt are good for the game in general. That being said these sort of changes had been requested and pointed out from the start. I openly admit I got suckered into getting him with the red envelopes because I thought he’d get neefed and decided after the nerf he was still op. I’d been super tempted to get UVS just because he looked like a fun dragon to fly.

Now I’ve got a vastly weakened surt instead of a buffed FUN UVS because PG can’t get their shit together. Doubt I’ll get a refund as I got what I paid for just made choices on now out of date information.


Thanks PG!
I’m going to wait out the inevitable storm in my bunker. :v:


See this is something I feel they need to do. They should offer for you to transfer your progress on one dragon to another if you have been affected by this and no longer feel it’s fair. So if you unlocked surt they should give you the option to transfer to UVS or the other dragons. Allow you to make an informed chocie


Finally :clap::raised_hands:t2:


Cause people can’t kill 2 towers and go from a sliver of hp anymore to full. Which was the majority of the reason he could survive previously on max bases


But what part of that is fair and balanced? He can still one shot.