Winterjol Dragon Changes - Discussion Thread


Ya I’m confused as well. Since when is any dragon intended to hit a tier up.


Read the third paragraph, and it’s a mythic so it’s supposed to hit into the next tier. (Edit: that said, now that I think about it. That philosophy may have changed some with the changes to towers starting with harbinger, as they divided legendary and mythic towers. Now I still think some mythics should be able to handle +tier legendary towers with a defender. Surt however was designed to be stronger than that and hit a full tier higher, but I can agree a tier down shouldn’t take out a max base with a defender if geared equally, I think ragnarok should be able to destroy the towers but not have surt finish the base)

Also a spell like ragnarok with its devastating description should tell you it should hit higher than the dragons current level


it would be that if the base is undefended. Even a hunter like pathox will struggle again a tier above if defender heal like his life depend on it


I agree the dragon should have trouble but not necessarily ragnarok as it was intended. However a mythic should be able to handle (albeit with difficulty and the dragon should be close to dying at some point In the battle) one defender into the next tier. Now two defenders, yea a tier down mythic dragon shouldn’t get through that

Also why should pathox be put on a higher pedestal? Just because he’s a hunter? Other classes should be able to be effective as well


No. No dragon is designed to hit a tier up.

In this case surt “can” hit a tier up but is not suppose too.


Did you even read the third paragraph, yes he is. And a mythic has always been able to hit into the next tier…not necessarily max next tier but into legendary, yes. Now Surt does break that trend


Since Hauheset.


When the ppl who release it says so… why you still say no no…
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Name a mythic harbinger that can take 75 towers please. And hauset is a special case. Besides her maybe noc, but he’s a legendary.


Cause no dragon is designed that way


Surt was

Re read the post you quoted, I bolded something you missed

and I did edit my other post, I don’t believe a max harbinger Surt should be able to beat a full max base, but ragnarok should be able to destroy defended max towers a tier up (as in a cleanup situation)


Using base stats AP

Expert Mythic Sapp is 44% of a Garnet Legendary
Garnet 56% Emerald
Emerald 50% Obsidian
Obsidian 51% Harbinger
Harbinger 78% Vanguard
Vanguard 77% Emp


seems to be true.


It was cause PG doesn’t know. But he shouldn’t be. Which is why is was nerfed


:scream: Him? HIM?! Hau is a girl dragon :triumph:


That post is about nerfing him. The second nerf is because they feel he still couldn’t be stopped at all. I.e. with 3 defenders. 3 defenders should be able to stop a dragon almost every time (tier to tier with equal gear). Perhaps a tier down was still able to get through 2 defenders (I don’t know as we don’t have video evidence of it) which shouldn’t happen


because there is a trade off between both classes
hunter class is declared as tactic type, which can be said to be related with decision making
sorcerer class is declared to has powerful spells. if you kill the whole island instantly no matter what, it is an unstoppable spell not powerful.
Especially Surt, whose auto aim white spell, no rage white spell can be use anytime and a huge damage spell that can easily be put any where since the effecting range is bigger than the position of 5 towers.


Sorry but regardless of “tactics” without overpowering some aspect of a sorcerer he just can’t compete at all. So what this all sounds like is people want their hunters to be the only dragons capable of soloing a base. And this dragon because of its classes inherent lack of skill needed to fly is encroaching on that.

I do get that it’s button mashing and perhaps it should have been death stare over incinerate. But it’s not so you can’t just nerf him into ineffectiveness because of that lack of skill required.

Also without ragnarok killing the entire island, he’s dead so that spell needs to be devastating

Another also, without his free rage, he’s dead. As he has no way to avoid rage drain otherwise


Next time I will flag it with #sarcasm. :smirk:

Thread is about Winterjol Dragon changes, which at least for me is not tied to Surt alone, even so he is the hottest part of the topic.


Lol I understood your nerf comment to be sarcasm, just clarifying the clear imbalance between dragon and tower level

Edit: if surt is still too unstoppable I think there are two ways to approach this…

Change incinerate to death stare OR
cap his ability to heal to 85% of modified HP (meaning he can’t heal past 85% of his health no matter what, kind of like Phoenix revival)


Not to mention many hunter spell is tower blockable while sorcerer spell just pass through and get a more effective landing.

the balance is where there is a tactic to defend against the dragon and the dragon can destroy base with tactic.
I dont know how much ineffectiveness the change make but it sounds fair where under defending, the dragon gets struggle against a base with good gear to withstand the nuclear bomb so you need a good gear dragon to win a good gear base