Winterjol Dragon Changes - Discussion Thread


Exactly :wink:


Incinerate killed my L60 red mage with 102/102 gear
Not sure if it would kill a L65, not planning on leveling it right now to test though


If your just gonna excerpt out partial info from a full sentence I’m just going to ignore you


Mech has awesome gear. You couldn’t do it even if you had max fire gear. You’ll need about end harb Surt to one shot everything.


Ah ok I see, is his surt equally geared? If yes, seems like ragnarok does indeed need that slight buff if he can’t even take out equal tiered and geared towers


Lol divine was talking about pathox and that just isn’t true for pathox


65s are for expert mythic harbs btw’s


Yes and ragnarok should be able to destroy them if equally geared


If someone owes me 23 Levels in the 300 Wall I am volunteering to test.


Can pathox be out hammer spammed with two defenders or even one?


Not if you fly it right against an equivalent tier base. One tier up still doable double defended. Two tiers up doable single defended.


Have experienced that with one if well timed.


What’s your gear and rider AP %? I’ll do some maths


Hard to imagine that if it takes 3 of his freeze spells to kill towers, but I don’t have first hand experience with him. Only one member on our team has him but she’s only in sapphire


That statement tells me you’re not flying it right


I’m going off of what others have said


@xGOxMerlin @mechengg based on my maths, at level 38 the Surt will need 81% gear to one shot your level 65 DF including defender shield bonus. Your gear and max research is taken into account.

Edit: this also includes 11% AP boost from runes for Surt which is what I have on mine. Without runes gear needed is 92%.


Let me put it this way. I’m currently max Obsidian. If I see anything with less than level 60 towers I go in eyes closed triple defended whatever doesn’t matter I’ll still solo. Bearing in mind level 55 towers is considered “at tier” for me.

If I see 60+, then depends on base DP which is an indication of gear. Base DP showing less than 1bn, I’ll fly and only have issues if double defended. So this is one tier up.

If I see 65+, I generally don’t fly unless I know I can get an undefended or single defended run. Even then it may be a problem if a defender shows up. This is +2 tiers.


With your math what would an max obsidian surt need?


Max Obs Surt cannot defeat Mech’s base.