Winterjol Dragon Changes - Discussion Thread


Not asking if it can defeat mechs base but if obs ragnarok can kill 65s or even 64s


Not able to take @mechengg either.


It all depends of course - how much research does the defender have? It is boosted? Is there a defender? Does he have a warrior on the perch? What gear does he have? etc etc.


Why would an obsidian surt, even if it was maxed geared, be able to one shot 65 towers? I mean If the base had no riders, gear or boosts maybe. But that’s literally 2 tiers up.


Lol - Mech is a top 0.1% base. You’ll need Vanguards to stand a chance. Try mine if you like I’m in game.


One defender tower boost, consumable 30% boost, non mythic warrior perch, and using mechs gear as an example.

65s are harbinger, so with a max obs surt that is still +1 tier not 2


Okay my Fire gear is below that, as I started it with Surt. I currently have 3 legendary and 5 epic which sums up at around 40%.


Neither can a max obs pathox with neeeearly max gear (that i own). I wouldn’t stand a chance against my own base, unless Lutrus worked some magic.


Agree to disagree. 65s are max Harb, or to put it another way Mythic Harb. 60s as Legendary Harb. 55s are mythic Obs, 50s are legendary Obs. So two tiers up my friend.

And I already said max Obs cannot beat Mech’s base - so why do you want to use his gear?


Not max Obsidian just yet, but have pretty close to max gear on Pathox and this is how I raid/war almost exactly.

I’m looking at mech’s base right now and I wouldn’t fly my Pathox against it with even just 1 defender. Be a waste of my time/heal pots.


Tiers are Obsidian, harbinger, etc…

And if that’s the case then ragnarok is not hitting 1 tier up like it should, I’m fine with Surt as a whole not soloing a base 1 full tier up defended (ie a max obs vs max harb) but The spell ragnarok should be able to clear out those level towers. Therefore the rag nerf was just a hair too much


That’s why! My drags are struggling on 50’s. There baby garnet😂. The scaling is so weird around this part


I do think Rag can be buffed just a little, but again it’s all relative. At these levels, Surt’s AP doesn’t scale as fast as tower HP. Once you get into mid/late Harb, then Surt comes into it’s own. It’s just an issue with where you’re at in the curve.

To your question - a supremely max geared level 33 (max obsidian) Surt will not be able to take a level 65 DF if the owner has 30% or more gear. Which is very likely.


We can agree on this lol


I concur.

I do think 20x instead of 10x would alleviate these issues of hitting exactly 1 tier up, and the not being able to take down the red mage is what would stop Surt from hitting too far up. Being a follow once all red mages are cleared Surt is a monster, zero questions asked.


Thanks, he whole point of the questions I was asking were in relation to How strong the spell ragnarok is and if it needed a buff.

If you were to buff ragnarok, what percentage would you change it to?

I was guesstimating around 1200% ideally but no more than 1500% vs it’s 1000% currently

Edit: Maybe mechs 2000% would be better? :man_shrugging:t2:


No the tiers are legendary and mythic. It’s why the dragons are released in waves of legendary and the mythic. Alongside towers doing the same. It’s weird they shifted to doing that halfway through the game but still.


Mythic seasonals are stronger than their legendary counterparts level for level, at least Neptus is…maybe they changed that

A tier up to PG is in regards to Surt is a legendary obs surt taking down leg harb towers… mythic or max obs surt would be max harb towers


You won’t need 20x (@mechengg). A simple buff to 13x is sufficient I think.

At 20x, a max obsidian level 33 Surt can one shot Mech’s 65s with 16% gear. That’s gone too far as Mech as I said is a top 0.1% base.

At 13x, that Surt will need 118% gear - which is nigh on impossible, so yeah I wouldn’t go over 13x. Maybe 12x.


Yes they are but still. If it’s in obsidian, it still shouldn’t be able to skip past legendary harbinger. It’ll be stronger than it’s legendary counterpart sure, but that just means it hits the power to hit legendary earlier.