Winterjol Dragon Changes - Discussion Thread


Sure. But it’s within their right to adjust it as they please. It’s by no means a weak dragon. I’d rather the dragons be released balanced or pretty close so there aren’t situations like this more often than not, if that’s any consolation.

You didn’t mention any tower levels at all, actually. Which is why I asked. Spouting DP numbers is not useful information. Feel free to include your dragon level, tower levels, research, gear, rider boosts, etc if applicable.

If you read the comments above you’ll see that many of the people you refer to can’t tell their mouth from their anus. And frankly, neither can I based on what they’ve been saying. You’ll also notice that many people have had very different experiences from what you’re describing.


630+ posts and we as a community are still going back and forth about our opinions, it’s like a 50/50 situation. There are plenty of players unhappy with this and yet there are also plenty of players that are fine with the changes.
Sooo, why not maybe an idea that could meet both parties half way?
I don’t see a whole lot of posts from pg employees…
PG, your players are clearly in a dispute over things, and this isn’t even the first time something like this has come up.
I think you should seriously make sure your next season is extremely well tested and you make sure you don’t have to make changes to a dragon AFTER people have already spent money and time obtaining your released product, or I sense this kind of dispute happening over and over and over…(etc)


After having a few days to mull this over and actually fly surt, I think he is fair right now.

The healing is still substantial. It can easily go above 80% healing in one rotation so no issues there. Honestly why it needed more in the first place I don’t know. The damage is there too. I’m hitting towers that are above my dragons level (I’m on the first level of emerald) and I’m hitting towers designed for max emerald and obsidians. my gear isn’t great either as I am currently rocking zero shield and weapons on my rider.

Have I been shot down? Yes. Can I hit so far beyond my tier is unreasonable? Not really Factoring gear into the equation. But is the dragon still strong. Yes.

I don’t like the design. It’s just built around absolutes. This dragon is very much “do I have the damage to one shot? Do the enemy towers have the damage to one shot me? Whatever happens first wins” and honestly this is a playstyle we need to move away from.

However,I think surt as he is now is fine to fly.

I’ve seen a bunch of damage buff suggestions for ragnarok and I’m not opposed to a small buff to it provided incinerate is not touched whatsoever. But this should be a small buff.

All in all I think this is a much fairer mythic now. But next time let’s get this right at launch


That was NEVER PG’s intention and we all know it based on the GPF’s comments on Surt. Why do you think the next round will be any different?


I never said I thought they would for it differently. My words were telling them to do it right next time. Please don’t put words in my mouth


i would like to thank mech and grumpy as they have delivered concrete and interesting numbers.
10% to me sounded instanly like an easy and superficial approach. A little buff would be fine. Otherwise healing is still consistent.

Now i’m stuck, if spend saved rubies for him or not. Broken “i win” was so bad, but now the price of an unwanted invincibility at your range is to have an armored roof where you go to crash without hope that the skill can make a difference.


Don’t forget that Surt does look damn good :wink:


Surt is still Very powerful.


The only players that think this nerf are good are the high lvl maxed out base playets who dont want to defend and collect their friggen rubied. please be honest with yourselves this dragon was beatable before but now with two defenders he isnt squat. Pathetic that an emperium lvl dragon cant defeat a base when defended by two people…the next lvl for towers isnt even out and surt cant clear…you all suck DAS


Do you have a video of an adequately geared surt at emp level failing to take a base?


Meh dear PG u changed the dragons, ok, we complaining, ok.
Nothing will please everyone.
I want a dragon that can hit 3 tiers above me and jnstantly wipe other people bases, But I don’t want them to be able to do the same to me.
End of season we will forget and do the same next season.
Move on




I just took another base defended way above my level with surt. (Surt has decent gear). Still unreal



My first time posting on this forum since the 3+ years of playing the game. I read all the comments , pros and cons about Surt double nerf.
I just want to share with the community my view on this:
I have Surt and i think it is one of the few useful sorcs in the game for something else then invader runs, which by all means is great. Diversity is required.
I got Surt very fast after he was released just because i liked very much what i read about him and it felt like he will be OP, at least until next tower levels are out.
Getting him was an effort… as i am sure you all know.
Now he is double nerfed. Still good, but not what i made the effort for. If now would be the time to choose, I would chose UVS.
So the whole dilemma is really simple. I feel cheated and by all means i was cheated.
i would have no problem if PG would change it, BUT give me the option to have all sigils refunded so i can pick another dragon if i so chose. Also i think that would be very easy to do , technically speaking.
So instead of arguing for days… let players decide if they want to continue with that dragon even if it is not what was advertised anymore or chose another one.

That is my view on the subject
Cheers and happy flying.


That sounds fair and would be the proper way of handling things for people that wanted to switch over due to all the nerfing.


I have Surt and fully agree he was too powerful as released, but the bigger issue is PG released a dragon that wasn’t even the ballpark of balanced to begin with. They knew they would change him later after the majority of players who wanted him had already spent their sigils. This was a classic bait and switch.

They knew they could shut up the “nerf Surt” crowd later with a nerf or two. Oddly enough it will made many of those people say silly things like “PG listened to us!” and “Good job PG!” It’s like PG just came in a crapped on your dinner table, you got mad, then they clean most of it up and you tell them how good they are. They shouldn’t have crapped on your table to begin with! Cleaning it up was just a byproduct of the initial bad behavior. You should still be mad even after they clean it up because the fact they crapped on your table in the first place was intentional, clearly wrong, and totally preventable. The people who let PG off the hook after the nerfs are just enablers of this bad behavior and partially why it will continue in the future.


Did you miss the part where i said emperium lvl surt sa


I don’t have Surt, not going to push for him. Sounds like the nerf was a touch to much but whatever. All I know for sure, Jarl sucks, and I am stuck with that crap dragon now.


I have ember. Is this post relevant to me?


Might be off topic, :rofl:. Although Ember is much more useful than Jarl.