Winterjol Dragon Changes - Discussion Thread


My suggestion would be the following:

If PG wants to send a REAL signal showing there was no intend on cheating they would give UVS for free to all players owning Surt and Hildr (because it wasn’t reduced) just as an honest excuse for the mess created, so no need for trade in and decision between both, just to show: “Ok, we made a big mistake, here is the excuse.”


You’re joking right?


Don’t want to be punished, yet punishing the others. Such an irony


To all who feel they should have left surt alone, the alternative would have been making lvl 80 towers have say 10x the hp and dmg of 75s, instantly making everything up to that point useless.

Balancing surt was the lesser of the evils

(and yes they should never have let the monster out the door… But they did, so cleanup had to be done)


Like i said agreed, and like i also said, Surt is still a good drag :slight_smile: But that is besides the point and it seems to me that everyone is ignoring the point…
The point is not if Surt was OP or not… We know it was. The point is many people payed for something and then they got something else.
I truly wonder if all who say with serenity that everything is ok now actually invested and got Surt and all the stones for him. Because it is easy to say “yeah it is perfect now” when you actually didn’t spend a dime for it…
I see no issue and please correct me if i am wrong or you feel otherwise, for those people to have their sigils reimbursed so they can go another path if they chose to. It would not hurt the game, it would not hurt the players who did not invest in Surt, but it would make it fair for those who did.


Im all for giving them that option - as long as they remove surt and all the prizes on the way as well - no double dipping.

I think Mech had a proposal for that


Part of the cleanup should be making it right with the players who bought a vastly different dragon than they have now. They made the mess so they need to clean ALL of it up. They chose to release a dragon they knew wasn’t even in the ballpark of being balanced. There was zero good reasons to release him as they did. They had to know he would require a major nerf yet dangled him out there in front of the players knowing a lot of people would spend their sigils on him. The mess is not limited to just the dragon being overpowered, but to PG selling a dragon they knew would require major changes. They need to make it right with the players they deceived, but if history is any indication I won’t hold my breath for that to happen.


Ofc. just remove Surt, give back sigils and all is good.


I think you missed Gox’s point. You didnt just get Surt, Astrid, and Jarl with those sigils. You got a lot of game items as well (Egg Tokens, Elemental Embers, Gold Chests, Rune Dust, etc. etc.).

All of those items would also need to be removed from your account if sigils were to be refunded.


I thought that was already implied. But for clarity… yes remove all the stuff related to Surt line. And can also remove all stuff related to Jarl and Astrid as they were required to get Surt.
Again. Point is that you can not take someones money and then keep the money but change what you deliver. You need to find a way to set it straight. It is not my job to find the way to do that, nor it should be.
Stop presuming people want freebies and would like to come out on top somehow. Many just want what they payed for or their money back… should not be that hard hard to understand.



I wanted to polarize to the point that now where Surt is Balanced still a lot of discussion is going on. I have Surt based on my decission, I have been nerfed twice, I spend a lot, hence I am fine.


It’s kinda hard to stop assuming that people want a lot of freebies. I mean one suggestion someone put for this is to give UVS and hildr for free to all surt owners as compensation.

Don’t get me wrong, all they need to do to be fair is to give players the options to swap their equal level surt, jarl and Astrid for a identical level IVS, Gunnar and hildr. No removing prizes. No giving new prizes. Just swap the dragons and give them the new runes at the same level as the previous. Done. Allow people to make informed choices


This wasn’t a very clear statement, sorry if I missed your implication. Taking away line items and giving back sigils seems like a complicated solution for most players. The gold chests were opened, egg tokens were used, etc.

It wouldn’t bother me any if people wanted to trade their Surt for UVS. If thats what you want, best of luck to you in getting PG to do so.


your gears arent all elite and non of them is expert. I think mech has elite gear for defender and also some are expert

let see if it is balance if no rider boost on both side. Does the base stand a chance to survive the red bomb?


Just buff Ragnarok a bit and everything is fine and balanced


so true


I can certainly understand that some people are happy with the changes. What i dont understand is people calling the Surt owners whiners. I for one waited for all of the season dragons to be reviewed before i made my decision. I started down the Surt path and have used a ton of resources going down his path. Those resources are some fake game resources and real life resources (time and some real money). I was never told “Here are the season dragons, however we dont know if we made a mistake so everything you know about them mighty change”. I assumed that the developers were correct when they released the dragons and advertised their strength and skills. That wasnt the case. The dragon I chose has been nerfed twice and the dragon that I could have earned with much fewer resources was strengthened. I understand changes could be needed, but what i dont understand is why the players that started working on Surt (with the assumption that he was advertised correctly) cant be compensated. When the nerfs came out I for one was already to far down Surts path to start over. Fair is fair, but i goes both way. I see no reason why we couldn’t be compensated with “fake resources” (sigils, and rubies) for the loss of our real resources (time, and money). I love the game and I know changes are sometimes needed and mistakes are sometimes made. I am a reasonable guy. What i dont understand is changing things on the fly and not compensating the people that trusted the developers.



Nerf 1: surt can no longer hit 3-4 tiers higher solo 3 defenders. More in 1-2 range
Nerf2: surts still heals slightly less and destroys your base.

Unless I am missing something you still have the most powerful dragon in the game which also requireds next to no skill to operate

I think nearly everyone agrees that PG was totally wrong in how they handled this dragon. If they offer comp/switching lines it does not bother me. It is the constant overstating of the nerf without any actual data to back up claims that is getting a lot of people spun up.


meh, still think there shouldnt have been any nerfs to surt along with the introduction of the dragon itself. xD -as in i dont want that dragon flying in the game entirely and completely. xD

not such a great design. x(


You’re missing a lot. Surt was never soloing bases 4 tiers up with 3 defenders. Perhaps it could have with 0 defenders but that’s a different situation. Also, now it can sometimes/sometimes not solo bases in the 0-1 range, not 1-2. Ragnarok was nerfed so hard that even pro-nerf posters are starting to agree it needs a buff. I must say I question their intelligence and ability to properly balance dragons if they’re just now realizing this, as myself and many others caught this issue shortly after the first nerf.