Winterjol Dragon Changes - Discussion Thread


Surt is still the most powerful dragon in game, takes zero effort/skill and very very effectively solos defended bases.

So er no.


No offense but I cannot trust anything you say after all your lies and crying to PG that resulted in a unnecessary massive nerf to Ragnarok. Because of you and the GPF, Ragnarok is underpowered for a ‘TOTAL DEVASTATION’ spell and is now in need of a buff. I think it’s time PG remove or replace some of the biased hunter players within the GPF so that the WD community can be accurately represented.


No offense but you are saying gox is lying?


No offense, but I don’t think the completely and utterly clueless necessarily need to be represented in the gpf. I don’t think there’s any help for those who can’t even manage to fly Surt properly.


You are missing the point. UVS is now stronger…I could have gone that route for a lot less resources. Would be nice if the dragons are tested and approved before you release them to us and


You could just swap out jarl for Gunnar and Astrid for Hildr


PG be all like:
Seems unlikely.


Astrid and Hildr don’t have equivalent sigil values.


Why complicate things by including the lead up dragons?

I suggested a simply mythic for mythic swap plan for a reason. No resources. No items. Dragon for dragon and rune removal+dragon specific runes.

People have already spent their sigils, have sunk costs in them, have used them previously to obtain more sigils, etc. Don’t bother with all that garbage.

Suggest a straight up Surt -> UVS change if you are unhappy with the balances that happened.


Did anyone post a video of Surt against two to three defenders? He may be great for solo or gold runs but where does he stand against defenders? If the defenders decide to supershot mage towers and storm towers or even ice flaks, Surt is in big trouble.


Agree. Swap dragons transfer xp gained, remove runes, and exchange the season specific runes, at the same level, if they used them.


Anyone used Skoll and Hati at a higher level so far? Does this change make them viable to use at tiers above Garnet/Emerald? If not, I’d like to stop and keep them for invader runs only (pretty good for those actually at Sapphire).


I own surt. I say he needed a nerf. Call me a liar if you want but he was broken before. He know has counterplay even if the whole design is unhealthy

And gox is one of the best fliers I know of. Frankly, I trust his word on this alongside my own experiences. Just because he thinks differently to you does not give you the right to accuse him of lying


I like the idea but that will never happen :man_shrugging: It took them ages to embrace your idea to break the 300 wall , they will never implement that in a week left in season


You weren’t really ripped off if u think about. You paid for a mythic dragon. And ur getting mythic dragon, not super mythic. If surt was x2 the price because he was that powerful then they changed him then there would be a problwm


Don’t have Surt but he still looks great, just all around - spell set and LOOKS dayum. STILL wish I could have afforded to get him but he was always outta my reach. If I could get him I still would in a heartbeat.


I don’t have Surt but I wish I could. Neah, I am joking, next Mythic will be stronger anyway. He’s only a Legendary Empyrean.
I have UVS instead and after the change PG did to him, he’s great. Is he a base killer ? No, he’s not. Against bases of its level he can hold his own very well. Smart defenders can stop him, but he’s no longer an Invader only dragon.
BUT I was attacked by maxed Surt and he’s still demolishing everything. Yes, he was a maxed legendary Empyrean and my towers are most of them maxed Vanguard level… but those towers are like matches for him. Smart bases can take him out… which I expect to happen.
What I deplore is the fact that PG is putting out two mythics at different stages of the season. I’d like to see the two mythics presented at the same time if possible. Yes, make them available at different time stamps of the season, but present them both at the beginning.


They actually said they might change it where both Mythics are realeased at the start. I prefer this as well


So, there’re a variety of comments and the ones that I don’t get it are “if you don’t like Surt go for UVS”, really?!
There are players that grind and work hard so when the second mythic is revealed they can choose between them.
Personally, when I saw UVS I like it for the resemblance of spells with Hauheset, but I waited, when saw Surt I was impressed with the ragnarok spell and spend all the sigils I had getting Astrid and Jarl. (Hey! I wanted to have a nice sorcerer)
Then the changes begin,and I felt disappointed because the characteristics of the dragon I choose changed.

Anyway, I got Surt. Here are my comments about it:

My Surt is emerald, and it doesn’t feel op, tbh, it sometimes feel weak in defended bases compared to the times I’ve been able to kill a base with 2 defenders using Prospero. And I’m not talking about attacking bases with early or advanced obsidian towers, I’m talking about bases with advanced emerald towers (lvl 52).
Mostly because the ragnarok spell becomes useless if you are hit with a fire flak because your damage is reduced by half, and if it has a storm tower or earth flak you are done, becuase the protection they give to the towers make them invincible for a few seconds ( and just that time can define the battle).

Note =Not every base has this kind of layout =

I think the healing rate of Surt should increase 5% for the other spells if the on-cast healing of ragnarok will be kept removed.
Or the cast time of Incinerate spell could be reduced.

As a last comment, for those who still complain that Surt is op, I don’t see it that way, if feels a good dragon for a mythic, and it can be take down. It depends on the player layout.
Also, the new changes could be evacuated to don’t over nerf the dragon.


When there’s a storm. Hold rag until it’s over. Surt can tank