Winterjol Dragon Changes - Discussion Thread


I’m not getting any mystic because of PG tricky promotion on game play. My advise to all players just play the game when you want and if you have some money spend it on chocolate rather than this fake game. Even if the dragon is powerful then the server or internet connection poor, then is sucks to play lagging game. So don’t start complaints I cannot reach more than level 300 or that dragon solo the base with 3 defenders easily or my dragon death gaze cannot kills the tower defended ! all these rubbish is depend on your luck that moment. ok…:joy::joy:


Which dragon?
What level?
Which base?
Seems lacking so much information here :thinking:


Knowledge is power? I’d really rather have the extra buff on ragnarok for obsidian level Surt. That would be real power :smiling_imp:.


grumpy sorry but explaining this you confirm also that surt is useless at some tiers.
Then there is something wrong, late emerald i already aim to 55 towers with pathox and with success. But to know i can’t oneshot a 55 tower at obs, for me is a joke. If at harb things will get even worse is not “amazing” for an expensive mythic. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway you know, i listened to you. Jumped on your side. I totally respect wisdom of old forumers.
But you have to see the whole story. Middle players are a lot and surt from their pov is a heavy price investment. For what? That they have to wait? And what if game evolves again? i don’t see many neptus lately.
Ofc we can’t screw late game dynamics but we have to understand also other povs.
I’m stuck after astrid (i know pg and i stopped there in time to see what happen) and feel in jail. And i totally understand that some people feel cheated. Then if surt at vanguard is the most op ever, is another story between stories.


Ok so I had another week to fly him and get some better gear, and honestly guys im still struggling with him. Maybe there is a lvl scaling issue (mine is emerald) as I think the people who say he is still powerful are at a higher lvl then mine with top gear.
Mine has okish gear for the lvl, 3 epics and the rest are mid lvl Legendary. He can half the time get past a lvl56 tower, lvl60 kill him on the spot. The biggest issue however is the defended bases, storm towers particularly. I was just messing with a 2 lvl49 flacks, 1 lvl42 storm, 2 lvl40 mages island, defended. Tested it like 10 times with different defenders and spell patterns. Here is what happens … He kills the red, Storm activates, mage supershots gets him, two shots of the flack and he’s dead. He has no protection to withstand multiple flack shots if the storm activates. And these are very low lvl towers guys. If it’s a half decent defender (forget about two) he fails again and again and again.
I’m praying that he will get better up the lvls, but so far my other dragons are performing way better and way more reliable. I have UVS on my second acc and he performs much better. I agree with the idea of giving us the opportunity to swap for UVS. Because I’m loosing hope here a little… :expressionless::expressionless:


Are your sad story here is referring to Surt dragon being nerfed ?




I have not spend any money on any Mystic so far because I knew the trick from PG.:joy::joy:
I do have some advice to PG…why bother to nerf or buff the dragon after the release just like the previous Mystic and really don’t understand the reason when Pg wants players to buy and chase to the top of the game play. Even so changes or no changes had been done so what the new towers and new dragons with higher power will be introduce. For exampe, Harbs Pathox is sturggling to kill tower 75 without defender and why bother to nerfed Surt and buff UVS just to make which players happy ??? what about the other side of players not happy PG …please thinks again your move when you all are dealing with international currency players not US alone.
How much money people all over the world put in for this war dragon game. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Baby Obs vs Max everything level 55. Have some context man.

Mid Obs (level 29) will only need 87% gear to one shot a max everything level 55.

End obs you only need 17% gear.

I picked baby evolve vs max tier max everything simply to illustrate the impact Surt has at higher levels.


There is always some hole to patch here, what about players that cannot get to obsidian level yet and may wait till another 3 months, by then new higher towers and dragons introduce by PG.:woman_shrugging:


Which would be irrelevant to anyone but end game players so I don’t see why it matters for a player not even at Obsidian?


Umm, why would I care about level 45 towers at all when emerald Cav can walk through those no problem? Shit, apophet can take out short level 45 bases. My targets for emerald dragons are easily between 52 and 56 with my roster. My primary 4 drags are Neptus, Gunnar, sylphen, Cav and add spindra if I need a shield and there no blues or they were cleared out, but I rarely use him. For Surt to be viable for me at all, he would need to regularly take on 54 to 56. I would hope he could reach to 60 as with some very short bases who only have a couple of those, I can clear out with Neptus.

Edit: just read that your responding to someone else but leaving this here just Incase your post is directed at me lol


Nah was to you.

You gotta realise that dragon power curve is a hockey stick. It ramps up and accelerates closer to expert.

So, Neptus etc are closer to expert at Emerald than Surt. So while Surt is at a flat part of its power curve, older divines are likely at a part where it is starting to ramp up or already ramped up.

Thats why it is very difficult to compare dragons across tiers.

All I’ll say is - horses for courses. I got Surt to play the long game, knowing that he’ll lag behind Pathox right now, but overtake it in Vanguard. Similarly, next season divine will lag behind Surt and probably overtake it late vanguard or Emp. Just the way the game works.


Ok yea I see that now when comparing surt to Neptus stats. Looks like they scaled divines back as part of their tower balance initiative. Max emerald Neptus is as “strong” as A Surt who is halfway through obsidian. That’s just ridiculous.



Ignore the text - but you get the picture…


I may still get surt, if I get a mythic this season it will likely be him. I’m pretty sure I’m not getting UVS. Looks like a fun dragon, but requires too much focus for everyday play. I prefer to use most of my energy on focusing during wars lol and be pretty lackadaisical through all other aspects of the game. :sweat_smile::man_shrugging:t2::eyes:


UVS is better than Surt at lower levels - no math just based on my observations of teammates.


But is he better than Gunnar? Or is he even really necessary to add to my roster


Really no need to being aggressive. I can context anything you want but still i’m not impressed about this surt’s hockey stick, considering the whole population of players. I do not discuss late game balance, simply thinking how we can be surprised that some players are not happy. I don’t blame any of the forumers if game works like this but neither we can say “curves are weird that’s all. period”.


Believe it or not I agree with you. As alluded to here:

But I’d much rather fix the core problem than bandaid over it with dragon adjustments.