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ofc i believe, we are saying the same thing man, just coming from different povs. If you gather informations about how op is after the ramp then i can only agree that rag can’t be buffed. But still before in a wide range is all except exciting and it’s a fact for many.
Yes they have to fix the core problem.
That’s why i do not liked multiple nerf requests. You repair there and you break elsewhere… we should have focused on the problem at the foundations.
Thanks for your time


@OrcaFrost do you know the base damage per shot or per second for a level 75 DF? And the supershot one also?


I’m away atm (can’t access pc)
However, I believe what Sandberg (dragon manager) has is exactly the same.
dps 5,697,236
SS 24,636,696

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I agree that there are foundational issues related to the hockey stick that need to be addressed. However, this seems most extreme as applied to Surt. I’d love to see a tapered buff to Ragnarok, starting somewhere in emerald or obsidian (where he is currently relatively underpowered) and ending in vanguard, where the nerfs were primarily directed for balance purposes.


I would venture a large part of the problem has to do with players with relatively poor gear vs the base they are attacking.

A lot of bases now are sitting at 80/80 or higher, quite a few at 100/100+.

I doubt a lot of players in emerald-obsidian has 80/80 or 100/100 gear for the dragon

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100/ 90 and 80/ 80 it sucks they all seem to require same elements :rofl:


That dragon was Kelvin (if I remember correctly) who could instakill a base of any level. But PG banned people using that skill before they nerfed him. I was attacked with this a few times but could never figure out how they did it. So almost exactly what you are looking for…


I’m also a Emerald Surt owner and for now I agree 100% with this.

BUT, Surt only have Astrid and legendary gear on her (gear not leveled yet). I’m sure this will change with gear leveled up and Kevana maxed (preparing her for Surt).

Surt is, until now, an all or nothing dragon. You miss the timing of your combos (throwing Rag above shielded towers f.e.), get rage drained during the cool down of BH, etc and you die. IT’s more like a hunter type in this aspect: great damage dealer but if you mess up you are dead, it doesn’t allow you many mistakes.

I like him so far but I would won’t use him during war until i’m used to attack defended bases for his all or nothing nature.

EDIT: I think Surt is strong enough and can be defended against as it should be, AKA balanced


I’m just there (started Obsidian las event) :sob::sob::sob::sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

I’ll have to speed in order to reach Harb ASAP :joy::sweat_smile::sweat:


But didn’t UVS cost more, due to having 2 dragons, instead of dragon and rider (at full price)? And at half price, he cost less, didn’t he? I don’t know how they would be able to do it. :woman_shrugging:


Challenge accepted…when I feel like it… Right now I don’t…


Ok how about this…

The bugs in this game strike without warning, it’s like driving on an autobahn only to have it turn into an unpaved dirt track suddenly…

Not my best work but Red was keeping me up at 3am this morning :wink:

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I’m with you there, Lutrus. I’m beyond curious how @TheRedDelilah managed to keep @Grumpybigbird up so late at night :laughing:


Mimosas were involved





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Is he a Grumpy drunk or a happy drunk?


Guessing happy…

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