Winterjol Dragon Changes Releasing This Week


Greetings, Dragon Lords -

Thank you for sending us your feedback about the Winter Dragons’ power as they relate to the current balance of the game. We’ve taken a lot of your suggestions to heart, and in discussion with the Gameplay Faction, we’ve determined a series of changes we plan to roll out to some of these Dragons that will provide the most fair and balanced gameplay across the board.

We know that it is not ideal to change a Dragon’s kit, especially Seasonal Divines that require sigils to obtain, after its release. We strongly believe these changes will ultimately provide balance to these Dragons and the game while also making them all equally viable and fun in flight.

These changes are set to take place tomorrow, February 20th, before the beginning of Super Sigil Chests and the weekly event, so that everyone can make their end of Season decisions with full transparency and context. We hope these changes will benefit any participant who has obtained these Dragons.

Urd, Verd, and Skuld

  • Rampage will be replaced with a NEW Spell: Well of Power
    • Well of Power: White | Active | 0 Rage
    • Dragon gains 50% increased Rage generation and 100% increased breath damage for 3 seconds. Upon building destruction, Dragon restores 16% of its Modified HP as health. Spell has a 5 second cooldown.

UVS was struggling to kill towers whenever its Rampage spell was on cooldown. With the spell’s long cooldown and the Dragon’s particular vulnerability to Ice Flak supershots, UVS wasn’t performing as well as we wanted. Well of Power provides similar heights of power as Rampage, but the spell does so at a reduced Rage cost and more frequent (but smaller) intervals.


  • Burning Hatred
    • Healing per Tower Destroyed = 15% of Dragon’s Modified HP (previously 25%)
  • Ragnarok
    • Removed On-Cast Healing (previously 15% of Dragon’s Modified HP)
  • Incinerate
    • On-Cast Healing = 10% of Dragon’s Modified HP (previously 20%)

Surt’s healing capabilities were far exceeding defenders and their ability to damage or defeat the Dragon. Between both Ragnarok and Incinerate’s on-cast healing plus the full heal provided by destroying an entire island with the Burning Hatred / Ragnarok combo, Surt never had any moments of vulnerability. Defended bases simply didn’t have enough burst to overpower Surt’s healing tools because of the huge heal provided by its spell combo. By reducing Burning Hatred’s healing percentage and trimming the healing effects from Surt’s other abilities, Surt should still retain its explosive power while properly suffering the consequences from flying errors against defenders.

Skoll & Hati

  • Solar Volley
    • Breath Damage Reduction: 60% (previously 70% // Dragon deals more damage per shot now)
  • Moon Shroud
    • Cooldown: 6 seconds (previously 8)

While we’re happy with Skoll & Hati’s play pattern, we’ve heard many complaints that the Dragon’s difficulty curve is too punishing when the Dragon isn’t flown to its maximum potential (it’s quite tiring to use Solar Volley for maximum damage per second). By changing Solar Volley’s damage-per-shot reduction percentage, players now have higher damage-per-second (DPS) levels with fewer taps, increasing S&H’s approachability while still preserving the frenetic play pattern. By reducing Moon Shroud’s cooldown, S&H should have a bit more survivability to further improve the Dragon’s ease of use.

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