WinterJól Event Dragons, Do you like them after trying them?


WinterJól Event Dragons.
Do you like them or not?

So far he is awesome, and I’m very happy with his stats and skill set. I haven’t crunched the numbers but it seems he has the stats of last seasons mythics, maybe not that good but max stats are 350m power when Cavaleris, Prospero and Somnus are only 300m at max.

I don’t have Gunnars Green Stone yet but he us at level 2 atm. At level 2 Orange Tier he is as good if not better than my Green Tier Prospero (Level 4) regarding attack and defense. I can only speak for his first 2 spells

Snowblind (white spell-Cost 2 rage)

Cloak (Blue Spell at 1 rage)

Snowblind is absolutely powerful and useful, cloak been ng one if the strongest clutch spells when used correctly is absolutely awesome. Fie me at my level not so much but can be beneficial in certain circumstances if I aim for blue magenta and ignore damage towers, id rather he had Enshroud like Prospero but he does have 250% damage with sbowblnd compared to Prospero 200%. The Snowblind increases his basic attacks damage at least 2.5(250%) and freezes towers and projectiles mid air. Which is absolutely awesome. Even without his Hunters Mark unlocked he has quite a lot of sustain at my level 70. That ability to freeze SS and Mage rage drains and all other damaging projectiles helped me clear level 70 bases with more than 80% health left.
I’m very excited to unlock Hunters Mark spell. Once i evolve him to Green at level 3. Need the stone though.

I unlocked Hunters mark long ago along with Platinum Stone. He is a force to be reckoned with at level 3.

Gunnar vs Prospero comparison:
Gunnar does require a higher Den level than last seasons divines (Prospero) which takes longer for those below 90 to get him to same level.

  • Prospero required den at level 18 to train him to level 5.
  • Gunnar required den to be level 18 just for level 4.
    Just to give you an idea. It will take longer to get him to the same level as last seasons divines but has much better stats.
  • Prospero has the lightswitch spell to turn on 200% damage that turns into a stun when flipped off. Making Prospero incredibly powerful.
  • But Gunnar has 250% for a period of time and a heal spell that returns the rage used by Snowblind.
    If gunnars snowblind time is managed properly and flown correctly, Gunnar outshines Prospero in my opinion and has better stats late game to boot. But I have to admit that both hunters shine and do great at what they do. I have a biased opinion since I like how Gunnar looks and feels more than Prospero.

Does anyone have this Dragon? How good is it?


Whenever you get this Dragon unlocked let me know how good it is, specifically that teleport and shield that appears when Teleporting. Does it help you clear a tough island you normally couldn’t by getting 2 passes at it?


Yes, I have Gunnar at green and think he is better than prospero just because of the freeze and the hunters mark. Mark allows you to sustain while getting rage back quick. Blue cloak is good and feels right because it’s so easy to take out the mages and cloak if you need to wait for snowblind cd. Looking forward to seeing him in vanguard.


I can’t wait to hatch mine. Will probably spend the speedups to do so later tonight. I’ve been having trouble hitting up with Prospero, mixed success on defended bases 60+ levels up (I’m 106 for reference), so I’m hoping Gunnar can hit just a little bit higher.


Gain 2 more level and evolve Gunnar to Plat
Forgot that Plat is about lv 102, but 108 gets one more level up…


Good advice. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Green to vanguard is literally from earth to mars. I’m at obsidian-harbinger but still i feel its gonna take forever to reach vanguard, unless… :money_with_wings:


I agree with you on the Gunnar review in that he is awesome. I strongly disagree with your view on cloak. A blue cloak is probably the single strongest ability in the game (minus timeshift) due to its interactions with blue mages and you being able to reset its cooldown. In theory white would be better but you’d be surprised.

Hildr looks fun. But he is not something that will win against defended or difficult bases whatsoever.

Uvs looks like a stat check. Anything that’s within his power level he will smash. But as soon as he can’t out damage the hammers of defenders he is stuffed. I like that he can dodge mage shots and can essentially attack two islands at once making defending a pain. He looks very safe as well. But I feel like he has a very clear ceiling in that he can’t go beyond


Gunnar is good however I noticed that when you freeze the blue mage the dragon cannot cloak.
Hmm Is it something PG needs to look into about the fairness to cloak if the blue mage is sanded, vine or freeze ?


They explained this before, when he freezes it only stops projectiles in mid air and stops them from firing during but the red&blue mage despell circles will still be active until destroyed. Honestly I’d love it because he is now my favorite dragon hands down but he is allready very strong.

Take into account that I only have Gunnar, Prospero and Ettin for my hunters.

Gunnar is as strong as my Level 4 Prospero at just Level 2.


You are probably right about Cloak, its probably the way i use it and those bases with tons of blue mages with Ice Flak defense that frustrates me. I could probably use a better attack strategy and I’ll probably figure our the best spell roll combo.

Do you have Hildr? I would also like to know how fun he is, I’m wanting to collect the fun dragons. Besides I may be forced to stick with this wave cuz I’m E2P only and have a hard time getting Sigils with the time I’ve got to get on game.

What spell dodges mage shots? Are you talking about well timed teleport? Does UVS’s TP Shield block Mage?
And yeah I kinda like that he has a clear wall to stop him from being to OP but still being strong compared to last season.

  • Am I correct in assuming UVS will have better stats that Pathox?
  • Am I correct to think the Legendaries from WinterJól have close to the same stats as Duskfalls Mythic’s?


What is his stats at green? Level 3 or 4?

How much do you get back from HuntersMark?

Hmm, maybe I should just use Cloak for that. I was just using it halfway through the island to avoid damage while setting up backer.

What level are you? How long do you think it will take for you to get his Vanguard evoStone?


Blue mages make things challenging but it they can be used to your advantage.

I do not own him. But his spell set is very much “can I kill the mages and storm before the stuns end”. His entire damage is based around his red spell and unless he has some way of removing the red mage he can’t do much.

UVS has his teleport. If you teleport as projectiles are flying towards you it should dodge them. The shield should not block it.

The raw stats should be the same on UVS. But I’m not an expect on this.


I have a rider on Gunnar so I don’t have his raw stats but level 3 for me is around 160k AP. I know it will take a while to get vanguard but that won’t stop me from getting all the stones even if he is obsolete when I finally max him. With the first rune it supposedly gives back 50% health in total but it’s close to a third of his health bar.


It’s 50% of his base health. Not total


You can freeze towers before they fire. If you miss, cloak to dodge the projectiles/flak shots :wink: There’s a larger window of time for you to do that if the blue mage is in the back, btw; the blue mage effect is mear-instantaneous when it’s in the front, and Gunnar can’t seem to freeze on the turn.

Overall, my ranking is Pathox > Fomhar > Prospero > Gunnar. But he isn’t bad on his own.


How does Necryx rank in comparison?


I only have Prospero and Gunnar at level three but I find that Gunnar is much harder to use than Prospero. His Snowblind is strong but requires a lot of precision with timing - he must first use five ammo to hit all the towers, assuming perfect accuracy and full ammo going in, and then use the rest to hit first a blue mage and then either a red or some flak depending on what you are going for. This is assuming that I don’t have to take down a storm/earth flak first…

I guess my point is, if you’re attacking a much stronger defended base relative to the power of these two dragons I don’t think Gunnar has the firepower to be able to burst down both targets (blue + another tower) after spending at least five ammo to hit all the targets. Considering that the dragon must be facing the kill island for its freeze to work, the window is tiny to get the right timing. The other problem is if its a long island, after the first island the same pattern is repeated, except that instead of just having the first row targetting your dragon, you now have an entire back island targeting. If there are flaks it will be quite difficult to survive.


Freeze does not disable towers; it’s not sand :man_facepalming:t3: Therefore auras will still be active when towers are frozen.


Necryx wasn’t meant to solo or lead like the dragons I’ve listed; he’s in a class of his own, if you will :wink:

The dragons I’ve listed are the ones I own(with the exception of pathox who falls in the following category :P) and am reasonably familiar with.


Gunnar’s really ammo-hungry, and after flying him twice on actual bases (yeah, expert here), I would tentatively suggest flying him like Avyx on bigger bases + keeping only 1 or 2 key towers frozen.

I haven’t tested this, but with mage shots; if you fire a snowblind shot at a mage at the same time it fires a mage shot at you…does the mage shot get frozen or do you get hit? :thinking: If it’s the former, I’d back my suggestion more confidently :stuck_out_tongue:

(Unless you have, uh, 5 ammo runes on him + both Swann and Malus languishing on his back? Then do whatever.)