WinterJól Event Dragons, Do you like them after trying them?


LOL no I don’t have any riders :frowning:
Your snowblind shot is faster than the mage shot, so you don’t get frozen - if you have fast reflexes, that is. I don’t have Avyx- the closest thing I got is probably Aibrean, but he’s too weak because I have no stones for him :’)
I think you have to prioritize the blue mages over the secondary tower, unless its a storm, so on these really powerful bases I think Gunnar works best as a lead, wiping out all the storms and blue mages.
Is there a video of Avyx flying in the manner that you suggested?


I don’t have Avyx either! But Snowblind on the turn to kill the blue mage + one damage tower sounds a little similar to flying Avyx :wink:

With his freeze ability, you’re better able to pick off towers one by one. Defended, perhaps you’d have to freeze all 5 towers as you face the island to ward off supershots. A nice thing I’ve found about Gunnar is that Snowblind is fast enough to freeze flaks before they load :smiley:

I don’t have a video, unfortunately :frowning: Avyx was…slightly before I got Ettin and started in the Huntercult.


You get used to hitting all 5 real quick if you want to survive. I haven’t had a problem hitting all 5 the first time yet then I give it a second to regain some ammo and power through the rest of the towers.


Hm I haven’t been able to consistent get all five before I get shot especially if there are longer ranged flaks in the bunch - it seems like it’s only the fire flaks, but I’m not sure :frowning:


Double tap both damage towers -> mages -> last tower?

Or just front row -> back row :thinking:

Don’t take me at my word, my gunn has been flying invaders more.


Yep, both are valid, but in my limited nooby experience if you want to avoid flaks you will have to hit damage towers first (mage are slow enough to be hit second). After covering all five, spam down the mage/storm/another high priority tower, depending on what support you have coming up.

Interesting spell rotation for long islands is to actually activate snowblind early, a bit before you face the towers, use this method, then activate snowblind again. The reason for this is that the spell’s duration and the freeze duration are very similar in length (3.5 seconds freeze duration, 4 seconds of spell duration). After activating the spell, and hitting all five towers, it is very easy to miss the last 0.5 seconds of that duration to hit all five again. Instead, activating early forces you to reactivate the spell, which gives you a bit more freedom to freeze everything again, at the expense of about a second of spell time. I don’t know how effective this is but for noob flyers like me I find it difficult to time a 0.5 second window to hit all the towers on the island. After activating the second snowblind you will have likely used a hunter’s mark and have bursted down the second blue mage on the long island, which means free coasting through with cloak :slight_smile:


The mage shot gets froze in mid air and doesn’t have enough time to hit you even if freeze ends.

#28 Odin flying Gunnar looks good to me as a keeper


Freezing has never been able to turn off tower abilities, it stops projectiles and stops the tower from firing. Freeze is temporary, Sand/Chains/Vines lasts until the tower takes damage. 2 totally different mechanics


This may not apply to higher level players as much but what I do on short well built bases is: freeze the dark, fire, electro/ice flak, then freeze mages. Double tap on mage if 2 mages, if its blue mage, i rapid tap to kill blue blue and immediately cloak to wait till out of range and kill rest. If ice is on island I freeze it before red then finish it after cloak.

If the base is too strong I kill mages and storm after freezing damage towers and Cloak past and repeat across base. Then I follow with an easy finish with next dragon or backer finishes with no problems.


:rage: Take back…
Necryx is a lead specialist



Set up.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: isn’t set up = lead?


I mean, yes, technically, but Fomhar flies rather differently from Hauheset, no?

Fomhar definitely isn’t a solo dragon, though. He doesn’t have any strong high damage ability that can kill all the towers on a big enough base. Reap is more an effective tool to chip away at key towers, instead of a super-powerful damage amp. But entrap lets him leave towers for the next flyer.

Necryx and Hau, on the other hand, have disabling abilities that allow them to properly prep a base for a next dragon, but they don’t have abilities that let them kill towers.

I see them as different classes, but if you don’t, that’s fair too.

tldr; If both are well flown but towers are left behind, you can use Ember or some other dragon with an instakill spell to follow the true set-up dragon. Fomhar just makes it an easier job for the next dragon.


I disagree, Fohmar is not a good follower or lead dragon because entrap is not permanent, and Reap also isn’t a follower or lead dragon spell. He’s meant to be a solo dragon, since you can use entrap to disable a few towers for a good amount of time while you take out the other towers that aren’t entrapped. Reap is also great because you can gain a ton of health easily and gain your rage back.


If you think Fomhar isn’t a lead dragon, you are quite mistaken my friend. Entrap and vanish can disable towers before they fire which means even low level foms with dg can poke substantial holes in 75 tower bases.
Moreover, entrap plus reap means that a tower is permanently disabled=dead and you don’t have to worry about a follow dragon ruining your sands.


It’s almost like I didn’t take my first 300 with him yesterday.

You can double entrap something to skip it and leave it for the next dragon. Entrap also lets you focus on single towers at once. His spellset is very, very effective…if you know how to use it. I’ll admit that he’s higher risk than a lot of other event dragons, though.


Like this? :rofl:


(except if sifilis?)


I would say that Sylphen and Renard would be acceptable sorcerer follows. Probably Jormungandr too but I’m a looooong way away from getting that beauty :heart_eyes: