WinterJól Event Dragons, Do you like them after trying them?


Gunboat (Gunnar) looks good so far. I don’t have all his stones yet though, so more to come from me on him.

Ah, yes, Renard. The “poor man’s” Hauheset :rofl: Renard can take down any properly prepped base.


My Renard is toasty warm in my incubator :heart_eyes: so I can’t hatch gunnar yet :rofl: Guess I’ll have to do that quickly before my 2nd obsidian dragon takes up residence in the incubator lol


Renard has a permanent spot in my roster, the only lineage dragon to have that honor (Ember doesn’t count, stupid evolution stones).


The lineage dragon that’s currently in my roster that has been there the longest (of the few that are currently in my roster) is Wraith. He’s great for invader runs and looks really cool. I’ll be ditching Slax as soon as I get noxious vines figured out as prep work for when I eventually get Noctua :heart_eyes:


I guess this means I have access to Atlas


Gunnar. I think I’ll keep him as a permanent part of my collection.


Yeah got Gunnar to Green and finnaly got to use Hunters Mark. OMG Snowblind with Hunters Mark is awesome. Great Spellset.
To me it’s just insaine that I get back 2 rage and health from HM and can spam SB.


First drag that i 5 flamed a well defended microbase 3* his own level. And this is before he gets Hunters mark!!


Personally speaking as a casual.

prospero is less stressful. All you need to prepare before an attack is the locations of red mages. kill it, stun all, even the cloak is white for the ultimate ease of mind.

gunner requires more, both preparation on the base as well as actual taping.

Considering there are so many blind spot in game, gunner is stressful in which you could miss a freeze and you die SO FAST.


What level are you?


I haven’t had that problem, I look at base before I run them, so there us no blind spots or surprises.

But yes Prospero is absolutely powerful and I’m not debating that, I live Prospero and will have him in my collection for all time.

As for Prospero vs Gunnar, they have their weaknesses and strengths, Gunnar is much better for lockdown and clear, while Prospero is dependant on getting the red out of the way on well built bases, if they have ice flak and storm sone with ice turret can be troublesome for Prospero.
Gunnar does suffer if you can’t take out the main damage quick and also requires red to be clear for heal. But I use monuments to circumvent red spell block coverage and focus on clear and refill.

But I think the most important part is the difference in stats.

  • This season WinterJól Event Dragons has a Mythic that goes beyond Vanguard to new tier, so naturally all the Legendary Dragons are also better in HP+ATK than Duskfall.

I was able to clear a base with Gunnar at level 1 that I needed level 3 for Slyphen and Prospero to consistently 100% defended.

  • I think Cavaleris, Slyphen, Somnus, Prospero where around 300,000,000 AP at max level.
  • Gunnar is a legendary that is like a notch above them being 352,000,000 in AP.

I’m not saying any of this to belittle Prospero, he is great when used well and I absolutely love Prospero. I’m an E2P player and only had a little over 2 months last season so I couldn’t get Mythic Pathox to compare.

The other dragons in wave 1:

  • Hilder
  • Urd - Verd - Skuld
    Seem like they have decent spells, who knows till they unlock em and get to fully understand their capabilities and weaknesses.
    But I honestly am not sure I will like Hilder or UVS but I’m invested. I do hope I’ll be able to get a Dragon from Wave 2 after finishing wave 1.


The level you unlock event green, (56 mabe?). Only hatched today so havnt lvled it up to green


this made me laugh


I only have Gunnar in Harbinger but he seems like a decent hunter build. I’ve been spoiled lately with Itzani and Pathox where ammo seldom is an issue due to Itzani’s cloak regenerating all your ammo and Pathox having a cloak and damage spells where you can get it back easy. Gunnar is a true “hunter” in the sense that he is ammo based and managing ammo is key.

After flying him, I’d like to see a new spell similar to Hunter’s mark where instead of rage regeneration, you regenerate your ammo. That would be fun. It would add a whole new element to setting up a base for another hunter.


I wasn’t saying cloak is bad, I was saying Enshroud is better.

White us always better lol.


That’s a cool idea but I like the Health and Rage Gain. That +2 rage gain allows for clear of the last damage tower before taking too much damage.
See here, Maxed Gunnar Harbinger Tier vs Maxed Base:


Maxed Urd Verd and Skuld:


I prefer blue cloak…


Both are good, as they have different purpose.


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