WinterJól Event Dragons, Do you like them after trying them?


Read cloak for the 99% that arnt THAT good yet?


Welp, I was wrong. Decided to hatch Gunnar rather than keep him an egg. He’s actually pretty good. He took my 248 invader while in platinum. He’s lower garnet now and reliably taking out nicely geared 45s while I don’t have him geared or runed. Looks like he’ll be a good replacement for Aibrean.


I agree for me he is an updated version of airbean as he can dodge ss better with cloak then flash, and as I miss avyx, it’s good to get a hunter with similar kit


I’m unsure on Gunnar because Prospero is pretty good, but honestly my Equestor can kill a base that Prospero can’t 99% of the time. He seems to let me down more and more


WtF?! :joy:


You might be doing something wrong if that is the case.


“might” :rofl::joy::rofl:


Well then take the sock puppets off your hands when you’re flying and then maybe you’ll be able to fly Prospero properly :axi: :axi: :axi:


That’s the beauty of hunters requires skill


I finished Gunnar, first page of Bjorn and egg line. Currently sitting on 13-14k sigils. Should I start on Hildr and get UVS, or try to get the mythic sorcerer later on?

What do you guys think?

I’ve only seen UVS on YouTube.


Whichever one you’ll mind less about when they nerf if


We’ve still got a hunter to go. I’d say wait till then :roll_eyes:

but yeah @SaintCheeky’s got a point too :joy:


Got Gunnar up to gold now just need to breed a legendary plat dragon to evolve him. He is amazing and can definitely hit above his level if you are quick. I have both him and prospero and find him to be much better because of hunters mark and the blue cloak not to mention he freezes projectiles which is a huge plus for mage shots. Don’t have the other two and going to max Gunnar out on stones and use the rest for festive dragon probably.


I have both at Emerald (Obsidian this event) and Prospero is much more powerful.


Equal gear?


Just wait till the end and save all the sigils u can save. Then make some math and let’s see if u can get a mythic.


Edit. On Prospero i have +2 extra ammo
Ps. I was thinking to replace the Legendary Scarlet Fever with the Mythic Rune of Pride. Should i?


So far, it seems that Gunnar is the go to divine this season? Is that a fair take on things?

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