Winterjól Festive Calendar Discussion Thread


Discuss the Winterjól Festive Calendar here!

Link to the announcement: Winterjól Festive Calendar


December 25 is a Tuesday. Will there be a prize on that day? If so, how will we get to it, since there will be no event in progress?


The event is still available at least until 9pm eastern (or 24 hours after event end)


Oh good call, I forgot about the results screen


I have to say that festive Tor is the most visually appealing of the three avatar choices :laughing: although I love how blue Kharnax is :sweat_smile:


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I like the concept tho of COURSE they have to tie it in to packs :sigh: let’s see what the execution looks like


Very cute, I love seeing some holiday spirit. Just wish there was a way to get all three portraits by using sigils or something. I’m a bit of a collector. But other than that, I appreciate the addition.


I think the portraits are adorable/cool! I would hope that the packs aren’t another terrible value but I know better by now :yum:


Are we getting the winter map this season?


Like an advent calendar, could be cool. No chocolate (unless @PGChocolate is behind one of the little doors) sadly, but has potential. Here’s hoping!



Thanks for that idea, the portraits look Kind of nice too - lets hope we get some more costumes to make our dragons look sexier :wink:


Sexy… dragons?


Love the idea, great portraits!


Does this mean we get the same visual armor pieces or new different ones :thinking:?

“Most of the Festive Calendar prizes will be entirely cosmetic, meaning they’ll look great, but won’t have any offensive / defensive impact to the game.”


Arent we all drakophile?



Who’s got the other dragons?


I see hildr and UVS in mine too. I wish these could be equipped on more dragons. I’d love to have a wreath for axi :heart:


Armors are generally locked to a few dragons only…


Kharnyx kind of looks like he/she is playing baseball