Winterjól Festive Calendar Discussion Thread


Now I can’t unsee it! :joy: Good job Blackfire!!!


Question @Arelyna In the Festive Calendar I see only Gunnar’s prize, but I know there is a prize for Hildr and UVS too. If I claim Hildr later on, will I get her costume too? If not, isn’t it a bit unfair?




Im interested in how this is going to work. Day 1 seemed to have only been the viking helm for Gunnar. There are 3 different items for each of the 3 current winter dragons (so 9 items). How exactly are those going to fit into 6 days if the 7th is the portraits?


Without looking is it 3 Gunnar 3 hildr?


Viking helm, crown and wreath each for Graboid, Hilderp and UrVerSker


This is a great, but wish it wasn’t dragon specific. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Becomes useless to those who don’t get Gunnar.


Get Gunnar! He’s amazing!


I kind of want to, but really need a sorcerer more than a hunter.:thinking:


People need sorcerers over hunters? :axi::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::axi: Either way the helmet is free so meh

Your only options for sorcerers this season are probably Hildr or the mythic sorcerer and Hildr looks pretty poor. Since the discount on Gunnar is over now there’s no reason to not wait and see what the other dragons are. PG seems to really hate Warriors and Sorcerers for some reason. It’s pretty ridiculous that the season mostly revolves around how good or bad the hunter is


First prize Gunnar’s helm, second prize two gold chests. Is anyone getting anything different?

I got that on both my main and my alt.

But I have a teammate who says she didn’t get gold chests…


My thought is what can Gunnar do that Fohmar, Axi, or Pathox can’t? Though as sorcerers are currently implemented they won’t exceed hunters so I guess more accurately I want (not need) a good sorcerer just for fun.


Still, it’s possible that our Mythic Sorcerer will be a good one…


Be vanguard, and kill farms? Wear a cool hat?


If I even make it to Vanguard about 20 seasons will have passed and they’ll be like 10 new tiers. I probably won’t be using any of my current dragons by then. But you’re right about the hat.:rofl:


I’m guessing it would be included in the purchasable value pack

When the branch ends on 12/25, new value packs will become available that feature special items, and will be purchasable for a limited time after the calendar expires.


Im hoping those value packs will be “festively priced” as well in honour of the upcoming holidays :man_shrugging:t2:


It is free. See ‘this prize is free’ button. It doesn’t require sigils.


It is free, as it says on the button.

The display is confusing because it shows you how many sigils you have, but it doesn’t cost you anything.


Jesus I should drink coffee before opening my game.
Thank you for correcting me.