Winterjól Festive Calendar Discussion Thread


I’m going for Festive Kharnyx. What are you guys getting?

  • Festive Kharnyx
  • Festive Tor
  • Festive Ash

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For me, Tor looks the best of the 3 avatars… I don’t know what it is about Ash but I just don’t like how her avatars appear :eyes:

Edit: Sooo, Festive Kharnyx has kind of grown on me since I first posted this lol. I’m going to get Kharnyx for the main account and Tor for the alt :upside_down_face:


Kharnyx must be a female with those kind curves :hourglass_flowing_sand:


I really like the festive gear and reminded me of two season ago with the reindeer antlers. I think it’s simple and adds something unique to dragons to deck them out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


I may change my mind if PG gives relaxed face to all 3.
@PGKharnyx , will there be any potrait with less serious face? :eyes:


Well androgynous means to look like a male and female at the same time(Atleast that’s what google said last time I checked so if I’m wrong, sorry) or dress like both. PGKharnyx said that Kharnyx(in game Kharnyx, not him in real life) is androgynous


Gotcha …


Your missing the added “said no one ever”. At least I hope that was just an oversight.


I “need” a sorcerer in the same way I “need” to play War Dragons. :smile:


Both are bad ideas… got it! :blush:


suprisingly I like the tor avatar more this time, is it me or kharnyx this time looks too feminine


Just collected the ice crown offered today only to find it’s only equippable on Hildr, yet Gunnar has the crown listed in his inventory, albeit greyed out.

Shouldn’t there be an option to claim the armour for whichever of the two dragons you got? Because I’m definitely not planning on getting Hildr.

@PGCrisis @Arelyna


I’m assuming you’ll get one item per dragon for free, the rest will be in packs after.


The ice crown will only be able to be equipped to Hildr. To my knowledge, each dragon gets one piece of headwear since they all have such vastly different models.


I think this is why people are confused (there are more under the armor section as well)


Then it would probably be best to talk to the team about having the greyed out options removed from the other dragons as it seems almost like false advertising. Unless Morreion is right and you plan to offer the armour later on in packs.


Do we get all 3 portraits?


Nevermind we get to pick one of the three


So, is the last “gift” on 12/25/2018 going to be a Festive Christmas Dragon?:snowman::christmas_tree::dragon_face::genie:‍♂:grin:


Nop the gift of the 25 is one of the 3 festive portraits

Quoting Crisis cz the quote thing dosen’t work:

" * The last prize of the Festive Calendar branch will be a choice between one of three animated portraits featuring some of your favorite War Dragons characters in their most festive garments! "