Winterjól Festive Calendar Discussion Thread


Hmm… :thinking: What special technique?

EDIT: never mind, I only fancy the androgynous one. :wink:


Just have to use the power of lag :wink:


Tor isnt even trying to hide it


that or he has 2/3 deathly hallows


Huh… Off-topic : it’s “Deathly Hallows” if you’re talking about the symbol in Harry Potter, and the picture you used as reference is wrong in that case… :joy:



The picture I used is the all seeing eye often associated with the Illuminati conspiracy, not the symbol of the Deathly Hallows

As for the Deathly Hallows the stone goes in the triangle. I am a long time Potter-Head


Now I get it, but the typo was bugging me :joy: thanks for explaining :+1: I was wondering where you saw 2 out of 3 hallows there lol :wink:


blame my phone’s stupid auto correct. Im actually surprised it didnt spell it with a 9 instead. It really likes to replace letters with numbers


If to look at that from the perspective of element symbols that’s …, ehem, fire :smile: which is not really fitting his water nature. That’s confusing :see_no_evil:


Sometimes a triangle is just a triangle, folks.

… definitely not an illuminati conspiracy. That would be… ridiculous… hmmm, yes…


Thank you PG for the holiday gifts. The Christmas day present is everything I like in a portrait … animated with a black background. :hugs:


Can we have our non animated avatar too?


Please be aware that we will be extending the festive branch until midnight PST tonight (December 26th) as a courtesy to the players and delaying the release of the value packs containing the other portraits until tomorrow (December 27th)

Holiday portraits for sale

That’s exactly what someone who’s part of the conspiracy would say… :eyes::chunk::axi:


So I checked the packs today and I am really disappointed. I was expecting to get something more exciting, something better for our money. As usual it’s nothing interesting.

So we have a few tokens, a few Sigils, a “free” portrait for $20?!? That’s outrageous!
I remember exclusive armours were like $15 a few years ago and right, you didn’t have to buy but it was fun and you could use it for many Dragons. Red envelopes contained 500 Sigils for $5 so here it’s like $8 for 800, 500 tokens can be farmed in less than an hour with a few rubies, so your portraits are scandalously overpriced!

Another thing, could anyone please explain how we can obtain our other seasonal armour?!?

Because there’s no way I’m letting my Gunnar wear that ridiculous kid size helmet in battle. He may think he looks fabulous in it, but I don’t want my riders to get hurt by this thing hurling at them at the first breeze!

Naturally it’s not urgent especially with a skeleton crew, but why is there two armours for each Dragon and why were they not include into the packs? Like Kharnyx with the ice crowns, Tor with the helmets and Ash with the wreaths? How can we get them?

I’m really upset nothing was done about the leftover armours… Are you saving them for overpriced New Year’s packs? I still hope to get them somehow…

Festive Packs, are they worth it?

Those are the prices? That’s absolutely ridiculous! I was willing to pay up to perhaps $5 for a portrait pack, but as usual PG reminds me why I’m Elite only.


I’m European but yeah, those are the prices. No wonder they hold it a day longer. They were probably trying to hide it…

No Christmas gift on WD for me… Or for their Pocket full of Gems they don’t want to share… :sweat_smile:


@Kardul, I am not sure about the armors. We are looking into it.

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