Winterjól Festive Calendar

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

As part of the Winterjól festivities, we’ve got something special cooked up for ya. Starting this week, we’re introducing the Winterjól Festive Calendar in-game!

Here’s how this Festive Calendar will work:

  • The Festive Calendar is a new Season Branch found in the Winterjól Seasons tab.
  • The calendar will feature a new prize available every day for seven days from 12/19 to 12/25. It’ll be a surprise as to which item is available each day, so check back daily to see the newest prize!
  • Each day, you can claim the daily prize for free. No Winterjól Sigils are required to claim the prizes in the Festive Calendar branch.
  • The last prize of the Festive Calendar branch will be a choice between one of three animated portraits featuring some of your favorite War Dragons characters in their most festive garments!
  • When the branch ends on 12/25, new value packs will become available that feature special items, and will be purchasable for a limited time after the calendar expires. These value packs will include one of the three Holiday portraits and its animated counterpart, as well as additional in-game items like egg tokens and rubies.
  • Certain prizes claimed in the branch along the way cannot be purchased in these value packs. Be sure to claim your free prizes each day so you don’t miss out on the festivities!

Most of the Festive Calendar prizes will be entirely cosmetic, meaning they’ll look great, but won’t have any offensive / defensive impact to the game. The branch will also feature three brand new holiday-themed portraits (with animated versions) which will be available to claim both in the branch itself and in subsequent value packs!

Happy Holidays from all of us at War Dragons. :slight_smile: