Winterjól Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


Hey Everyone!

Please discuss the Winterjól Festive Dragon in this thread.

Skoll & Hati first impressions

It looks cool! And has lore! And I’m getting it! ( I’m to impatient to wait for reviews!)


might grab to the glyph for future hunter dragon…


Originally I thought his spell combination all taken together without a way to dodge rage drain was trash.

Now I know it’s trash with an 8s+ cooldown time.

I’ll be getting his red egg because he’s a pretty dragon, but beyond that? No thanks.


Pretty wolves have no teeth. :disappointed_relieved:
I hope to be proven wrong.

Edit: I would like to congratulate the design team on a a visually stunning offering, though. Very very cool looking.


Don’t need to wait for reviews!
Wow it’s beautiful but it looks trash! I’m curious what was the thought process behind this set of skills?
IMO there are few things that make good hunters good/great ones.
This dragon has like a piece here and there but nothing to go with that piece! Making it uselsss

It really seems like they drew these spells at random out of a hat! And here’s your festive :joy:

I’m sure people will try to get HP down to use star burn early and use soul devour to heal back but it’s not going to work especially when the dragon can’t get through hammers! Can’t dodge or disable shit! Cant get away from any towers/islands when in trouble Can’t even heal back when you’ve had all your rage stolen lol
The ammo spell is just going to be useless with decreasing the damage by so much!

I guess if you like to collect it’s great to hide away in the den and look at :roll_eyes:


why my message flagged?

Took one second for it to be flagged
It goes with the thread/topic? Guess not allowed to not like the dragon?


Honestly, the moment he turns the corner on a defended base, those mage super shots are going to bean him square in the nose before you can even react. There is no “target prioritization” if you get insta-dropped because you have no way to evade.

Also, it bears repeating, 8 seconds for cooldown!? What was the cooldown on Surt’s base-killing spell set again?


I’ve said it before but I really love your art team. They’ve never disappointed me. Shame it’s gonna be a “forever red tier” dragon for most.


Yep! No rage! No way to heal because you’ll have no rage.
If soul devour is immediately active before rage stolen an ice flak will take care of that.
Won’t be able to kill the towers
Can’t dodge! Can’t move on!

Cannot do anything but die :grimacing:
Atleast it will look good dying :+1:


:see_no_evil: I keep rereading the spells…
6% area damage to near by towers, while also decreasing fireball by 70%?? Yes, this costs no ammo or rage but when handing out only 30% attack for 3.5 seconds that is what? Soo maybe 1 tower killed before dragons are dead? If you do survive then you have 8 seconds of cool down?
Moonshroud only heals ** up to ** 10%, so a sliver of blue health… which comes with even longer cooldown of 8.5secs.

Tweaking these numbers a bit and it could be decent! As is… I’m a bit sick about this as I’ve waited all season for this to release before spending sigils (aside from token boost).

I am not a numbers person… really hope this flies better than what I’m imagining here. :see_no_evil:


That’s assuming soul devour isn’t stripped off by a blue mage tower, it being a blue spell and all. You don’t even NEED to run into an ice flak to have it deactivated.


your normal fireball deals 70% damage during this time not 30%

wait… wording is a bit confusing for me. I might have to wait for the dragon to be released and test it out

You might be right with the 30% now that I read it again :cold_sweat:


True wasn’t even thinking about that lol

  • GPF tells PG this dragon is horrible
  • PG: Nah, they’re fine. No additional work needed
  • Dragons get leaked and everyone else tells PG this dragon is horrible
  • PG: Nah, they’re totally fine, we dont need to change anything
  • Dragons are revealed and everyone says they’re complete garbage
  • PG: … but look at how pretty they are
  • ???
  • Profit :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

This is just sad. 2 spells with 3s durations and 8s+ cooldowns, no way to dodge rage drain, -30% atk damage (if SB is in effect) for 3s of infinite ammo. Apparently, Ragnarok is more of a minor inconvenience because these two arent going to get anything done

Skoll and Hati have some of the highest damage output in the game

I laughed so hard at this statement. Highest damage output against what, an invade base?


That’s why I keep rereading. :joy::see_no_evil:


70% reduced damage would suggest -70%. With SB active it should be dealing -30%


Was wondering the same thing


Moonshroud, Maybe the sole decent spell is even worse than elemental barrier :rofl: I think coatl is less worse lol


Getting red egg for collection, because it is really nice design :raised_hands: Here I just applause.
Would take full if it had better spells, or even if it stayed bad but was discounted, still I’d took whole branch for collection and prizes. But with what we have, I better take second page of one of the riders, that still will be better even with trash gear :slight_smile: