Winterjól Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


So it takes S&H 3-4 seconds to do what Gunnar can in 1 second? S&H will have a bad time against hammers.


I was really looking forward to this dragon but it seems useless. :frowning: Now I don’t know which dragon to invest in! I’m also afraid of not getting him and PG changing the spells to make it awesome. What to do?!?!


I’d say run around and panic for a bit.

And then maybe hold your sigils until the last week of the season to see if anything has changed, make a choice then.


@TLK1979 In my personal opinion, Gunnar is the best Legendary dragon this season. He has a solid set of classic hunter skills, with a little extra thrown into the mix. I don’t have him, but my wife does. He seems to be a solid dragon. :+1:

I’d finish Gunnar, then if you have sigils left over, get the first page of the rider Astrid.


It would be very easy and fast to make this beautiful dragon decently strong (currently it’s useless, personal experience)
-Replace Soul Devour with Enshroud
-Moonshroud’s cooldown to 2/3 seconds.
Mission Complete!


Can you explain why you want to remove Soul Devour (Blue Spell) that gives rage and health upon destruction of Towers?
I’ve herd some say they think it’s useless but it’s the only spell allowing me to get through invader giving a much needed sustain and rage gain especially since there is no way to avoid rage drain.
I’ve found that spell usefull but annoying since I have to Target blue instead of storm/Dark Flak first.
And why are you wanting another white spell do you think 3 white spells should be on one dragon?
And why Enshroud over Cloak.
Personally I like cloak infinitely better than Enshroud since it has a much larger duration.

What many have purposed is to fix the main problem the damage output of Solar Volley.

Solar Volley does do little damage it’s near impossible to kill towers on even long bases in the 4.5-6.5s of the spell. I forget the exact time but from experience it’s very short.

As for Starburn it might be worth increasing damage of that spell increasing as more health depletes based on health % left.

Possible options to fix S&H:

Option 1:

  • Decrease Solar Volley damage increased from: 30% to: 35%-38%(not counting runes).
  • Moonshroud increase duration from 3s to 5s allow it to block mage SS.

Option 2:

  • Increase Starburn damage
  • Add Cloak to Soul Devour slot and add heal + rage gain to passive.

Any other ideas?


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Very nice write-up.
I have been flying Gunnar/Prospero and S&H undefended for comparison. S&H coming nowhere near what Gunnar or Prospero hits.
I noticed on graph you have S&H doing much re damage in the long run but I must say from personal experience S&H doesn’t get the full 6seconds to burst.
With the damage reduction it’s not app that effective but if S&H had some sort of extended sustain other that the very short Moonshroud and very situational 2rage Soul Devour heal+rage it might hit the numbers you graphed.
The problem I hit is even when casting :waxing_crescent_moon: at last possible moment it only lasts about 3s and then us very vulnerable so the dragon doesn’t get much time to tap rapidly and usually dies half way through Solar Volley.

So I honestly compare S&H with Jarl more than I do Gunnar which is far above DPS.
And I’m sad to say I believe S&H may do less damage than Jarl but I have no calculator for damage input but Jarl has better sustain than S&H and decent DPS with Storm Shield burst and added damage buff from Passive set-up for next follow.

I honestly believe S&H needs a damage buff of some sort preferably a slight increase to damage done while Solar Volley is active.
I’m fine with Skill & Hati not killing defended bases but it should at least do enough damage to clear Undefended towers at my level.
Take into account this dragon should feel very strong to me since I’m at that golden era where Divines Legendaries are Uber OP.
I’m level 99. All my other dragons fly through bases 99-130 including: Jarl, Gunnar, Prospero, Sylphen, Somnus, Cavaleris and they have zero problems getting through bases and Gunnar can fly through defended bases 99-119 4m def or below.

S&H on the other hand can not clear 99 Undefended unless has is horribly laid out. I’m having a problem getting wood on runs if lowest defence. 1m max defence is what my S&H can clear being level 10(last green).
For reference all my Divines are Green and have no issue clearing 6m def undefended and 4m def defended.


@MadeFromMetal S&H dies in 1/2 seconds vs any decent 3/5 towers…
On invader however, it’s quite funny :smiley:

Many times Defense Power means nothing…



I am fully aware how fast S&H dies long before Solar Volley ends.
I have Skoll and Hati.

You still haven’t answered my question. You are suggesting to remove the Soul Devour which gives health and rage back to S&H and wanting to replace it with Ensroud a white clock that is very short duration.

  1. Why are you asking for 3rd white spell?
  2. Why do you want Ensroud over Cloak, cloak has almost 3x the duration.
  3. What do you suggest S&H will do with no heal or way to gain rage back.

Soul Devour may not be the best spell but if we remove or replace it with another spell we need some health gain and rage gain spell in it’s place.

I’d like to also point out that S&H is fixed easily if we increase damage during Solar Volley like suggested many times above.




After flying S&H some more I think the only things ng S&H need is Increase damage of Solar Volley from 30% to 38%.

I don’t think the dragon is consistent when every flyer gets tired after 5 flights like you did on stream.
I’m not asking for much with just an 8% increase in damage, that’s 15% less than what you have in runes on stream.
Think of all the players below level 200 who won’t have mythic runes to put on S&H.
Is it fair that they get no use out of the dragon because it’s damage falls short at thier level. What about those who won’t be able to get past Sapphire Stone and won’t have the extra damage from runes and rider until the dragon is outdated for them making S&H forever useless to many?

I’m not asking you change spells. I love the spells and way S&H plays. I just want a small increase in damage on Solar Volley and a decrease on Moonshroud cooldown.

Please make the following changes:

  • Solar Volley: 70% reduction to 62%.
  • Moonshroud: 8s cooldown to 5s cooldown.
  • Moonshroud: also blocks mage shots.


  • Solar Volley: 70% damage reduction to 55%.

Let me know what you think?


I think that the spells he actually has could be good too.
I think what it must be changed is the cooldown and duration of Moonshroud and the damage decrease of Solar Volley. As soon as the shield ends, and it happens too soon, the dragon is dead, and while Solar Volley active there’s no chance he can destroy a Dark Flak and a Blue Mage (where any other decent hunter does) to survive until he can activate Soul Devour.
I’d decrease Moonshroud’s cooldown to not more that 4 secs, and increase it’s duration to 5 secs. Solar Volley should decrease attack at 45-50%.
If so, it could be a good dragon on undefended bases.
If PG doesn’t touch duration and cd of Moonshroud, it should add at least defense against rage drain, like Arcane Aegis.


Just give them mystify + scarlet fever instead of starburn + moonshroud



Honestly that dragon needs a complete new spellset. U can try to adjust here and there, change this and that, but he will always be a drag no one will fly for real. As if anyone played lumina longer than breedable… :dash: Solar volley (light speed)is just garbage.


I also think just slight adjustments would make this dragon a very fun dragon to fly. We just need the dragon to last a bit longer and to do a bit more damage so it can clear the blue and damage towers just enough to heal. So we can retain the skill of utilizing spell set and getting rewarded for useing them correctly.

Moonshroud cool down being decreased and blocking mage shots is definitely a good idea.
Reducing decrease of damage from solar Volley is a must.

How do we get this in motion? After seeing PG stream I’m a little discouraged.


Just give him the I Win button like you gave Surt and everyone will be happy…


If they don’t adjust cooldowns. Could be interesting if Solar Volley would adjust attack by a certain % each time you tap. If they want to keep it at 30% and maybe max 50-60%. This is if PG can code it and would keep the multitap spirit of the dragon.


All dragons dont have to be good, just leave it as it is, alot of released dragons have been trash. Move on to something else


Yeah, but at least give Him 1 chance to survive, at least 1 man…