Winterjól Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


Infinite ammo but weak damage is a warrior basic attack
so this one has a spell to turn a hunter to a warrior class :joy:


If they dont wanna change the spellset, they just need to decrease the cooldowns and everyone will be happy :hugs:


Pretty much. If they change Moonshroud to absorb rage and give it a better duration/cooldown ratio, it’ll basically be a Cav that’s slightly better, but requires much more tapping.


It could be an awesome dragon but as stated this dragon sucks big time. If you want a MONEYPIT then invest in this. If you want a decent dragon go for some thing else. Defiantly worth the sigils.


I was disappointed with skoll and Haiti I figured they would be more powerful, jarl is a good dragon


How? :joy:


Probably depends on your level and experience. I personally don’t even remember his spells…

Regardless of how terrible S&H are, I’m still considering dumping my leftover Sigils on him, like until I unlock all his spells, just to troll people in LC with ultrafast tapping. Obviously after I got everything valuable I want from the other lines.

I wish their animation was smoother and the dragons more detailed. They don’t even have a wolf-like body. It’s not exactly like Somnus but I see similarities…


Even for a warrior’s standards (which are pretty low), he’s really not viable if the base is defended. He’s not even great against undefended bases. Very boring spellset too. I still prefer Leos and Nollaig to Jarl and they’re not all that great either.


Oh yeah now I remember. He basically has Heat shield split into two spells right? I don’t remember so well about the rest but I agree Leos might be more enjoyable to fly.


Sorta, he has a white explosive shield that doesn’t last long enough/has too long of a cooldown to really do much, a passive like death’s door, and regenerate. Not to mention fire flak resist which is just meh.


Any response from PG? Are we wasting time here?


It’s the weekend. They usually don’t work on their days off, especially Sunday evening… We’ll see next week, but they likely won’t change the Dragon. They didn’t change Drakius for the first Summer season despite the fact that there were big changes for the other 2 Divines post release (Kinnarus and Borgian).

For a festive to get their spells tweaked after being released? I would like to see it, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. They’re probably already working full-time on the future Spring Dragons, as it takes a month or two from concept to finish products…


PG better give us meaning response for all the discussions players put into this thread.

I don’t like discussion for the sake of discussion.


There has been longer threads than this one without much more input from PG. Besides, the best way to get them to overlook this thread is bugging them to come and give an answer… and it could get such forum members in trouble :zipper_mouth_face:

Be patient :wink: who knows what next week will bring…?


PG please buff this dragon! Just lower the cooldown of both white spells to 6 sec from 8 at least seconds or if not, make the moonshroud duration last longer like 5 second, theyre really good looking and potential :sweat_smile:


The one change I would like to see is to have the lvl 1 dragon heal in 30 seconds like Nydryr… that way I could actually use them for team quests, considering I wasn’t planning on getting more than the red egg for them. (I’m already going after UVS and Astrid so I don’t think I’ll have any spare sigils to get more down their line :sweat_smile:


It seems we are just wasting time here. No single response at all.
Not even a ‘we are discussing about it’
So he will probably stay garbage


Jarl and Hildr are designed for mid-low level Players…they are quite strong (expecially Hildr).

S&H is designed for farming gold vs Invader Base :((((


This dragon has difficulty taking bases wayyyyy less then his attk power… even struggles on invader bases.

Deff dropped the ball on this one PG…even Lumina who is a lineage legendary obsidean dragon with similar spells is twice as good as Skool and Hati and takes bases way stronger then skool and hati can take.

Deff needs a buff to put him even at useable… otherwise it feels like just a huge waste. He drops like a rock even on undefended weaker bases… I’m sure this was not intended… probably would have realized that if anyone would have actually flew this dragon prior to release or cared to make it actually useable.

Flat out worst dragon in the past year, hands down!


I fail to see how it struggles on invaders when it has unlimited ammo + soul devour. :man_shrugging:
Even on Un-defended bases, it should be able to clear out islands more effectively than many other dragons as long as you can double.triple tap very fast as @Morreion’s math pointed out.
The only issue (And definitely a big one) is not being able to avoid Rage drain islands when defended and / or not having adaptive resist or something similar to gain Rage.

Not every dragon have to be the best there ever is and solo every base 100%, This isn’t definitely the worst dragon in the past year, not even in this season.