Winterjól Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


Hm. I have them on level 11 by now and I don’t really get, what all the fuss is about. Yes, the spell set is a little difficult to get used to. But I love flying them and at gold level they kill bases much stronger then they are. You can aktivate all three spells together and it generates health and rage during that time. The only draw back was the red egg so far, because it was way to weak in the beginning. But I like flying it. And if you don’t, then just don’t get it…


At gold level, most bases are still rubbish, so even a total turd like Coatl could still kill something. That doesn’t make it a decent dragon, really.

One defender and two mages, and there is no healing anymore. Add high level towers, and they won’t even half-die before your shield runs out. Add hammers and nothing will die except your dragon.

As for not getting it, sure. But what is this discussion threat for if not to provide feedback on why it’s a bad dragon that nobody will fly for real? Only reason to get it is having spare sigils after getting Gunnar, and all other legendaries are just as bad.


:joy: you know, they sure aren’t as good as Cavaleris, which is a Great dragon from my point of view, and yes, some tweaks would probably be nice. But I don’t think they are all bad is all I’m saying…:


Hi, I’m having some confusion about Skoll & Hati. For some reason they are dying rather abruptly with still have their life in green. Idk why it’s occurring, can someone let me know if there’s a glitch, or I am doing something wrong, or there’s something I may be unaware of with using this divine? It seems to happen more often a few seconds after hitting moonshroud. Hmmm. :thinking: Help!


Because it sucks and feels it should die early to save you rage for a real dragon


Show us the base that hurt you


absolutely no, I have it.
It is rubbish. Nice to see but Useless to play. ( but good vs Invader base )
Borgian is way to better and this say all about Shit and Hate


@PGLawson said on Twitch yesterday that Skoll and Hati won’t probably be touched as they are working as intended, that it’s a difficult Dragon to fly but a fun one (paraphrasing)

I would argue that I would rather take Hauheset’s description of difficulty over S&H because Hau requires incredible skill, not barely human fast tapping for S&H to break even with normal tapping and another damage enhancing spell… The cooldown is kinda long if you compare it with other spells, especially when S&H has two 8-secondes CD spells.


Disappointing but not really surprising. At least Gunnar got a nice glyph out of it.


:-1: working as intended :man_facepalming: How?
NOT working…as intended
And I don’t get how it should be fun tapping like crazy.


I’d be fine with S&H if they just increased Solar Volley damage from 30% to 38%/40%.

I honestly don’t expect every dragon to clear defended bases let alone a festive. But this dragon is full price and barely clears Undefended well below your level.

It is definitely not fine right now. And I remember Lawson saying that S&H is very difficult to fly on FB stream. He said S&H is fine just very hard to use and we just need to master this duo. He suggested the use of tapping with 4 fingers otherwise you lose. In fact PGLawson lost far more rounds than he won on that stream with S&H. He got tired after 5 flights with Skoll and Hati and couldn’t tap fast enough to clear the Test Build base for the rest of the flights which ranged from 8-15 losses after.

It seems they really only want the dragon to do well on underleveled bases undefended. They should at least increase Solar Volley’s damage output.
Let’s keep in mind that PGLawson used a test build to max out the dragon’s and runes which gave him access to more than 23% increased Hunter attack instantly just from runes/glyphs alone.
Not everyone will have mythic runes lying around to put on S&H since it’s damage is after all considerably less than Gunnar, Prospero and many others.

I have seen many suggestions from the community regarding Skoll and Hati and the general consensus is that they need more damage and cooldown reduced.

Summary of the suggestions the community posted regarding S&H:

  • Increase Solar Volley’s damage
  • Reduce Moonshroud cooldown.
  • Moonshroud to soak up mage shots similar to Cavaleris Arcane Aegis spell.

Some of these changes would make S&H able to clear defended bases (Like reducing Moonshroud cooldown or Moonshroud being able to block mage shots) and PG is not on board with that. I would be more than accepting of all of these changes but my main request is that S&H gets a damage boost on Solar Volley.

I’ve seen a small number say nothing needs to be done with S&H but the overwhelming majority wants S&H buffed. Out of half of those who don’t want S&H buffed don’t even have S&H which speaks volumes.


this is a must. There is no rational reason why this spell lasting 3.5s has a cooldown of 8.5s.
8.5seconds 0.o what for??? Cant stop mages, cant stop projectiles, cant absorb supershots…
I do not understand why the PG has tried so hard to make a trash dragon….
Each season release new, useful and rather strong spells (some a bit overpower but alright)…
@Arelyna Can you explain to me why this beautiful divine dragon that costs THIRTY-ONE thousand sigils has a spell set so Intentionally castrated? thx
and no, the dragon does NOT work as it should.


Can you explain to me why a beautiful legendary lineage dragon costs between A HUNDRED THOUSAND and TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND tokens has a spell set so intentionally castrating?


hint: not every dragon should be the best dragon ever


Exactly what Mech said. If you don’t like its spells then there is a simple solution, DONT GET IT.


Or simply spend 400 sigils so it can look pretty in your den forever :upside_down_face:


Or go all the way to its glyph for a future good dragon :man_shrugging:


progression bob, progression.
Do you want to go on? well, there’s a cost

nobody is asking that S & H should be the best, but at least decently strong and not complete garbage
but right, you are the ones who whimper because they touch dragons OVERPOWER like Pathox.
ah right, pathox is completely balanced, for this it is able to asphalt bases 2-3 levels higher than its own.


We will see how many sigils are left after I get UVS and Astrid :laughing:


Alright listen here Balgruf, nobody is forcing you to get the dragon. If you want PG to know exactly how you feel about it, then don’t get it. It lets them know it wasn’t worth your sigils or money. Every single dragon below Harbinger is hot trash with the exception of a few honorable mentions. I don’t expect that to change any time soon. It’s a festive dragon, it’s supposed to be a fun/meme dragon. Not a base crusher.

The expectation that it should be able to solo bases is a bad one. Dragons arguably shouldn’t be able to solo bases without skillful flying. There have been plenty of seasons with bad dragons. Summerflare, the season of the mighty Merkt, and we’re still looking at you Gladicus. Don’t think you can hide behind a fancy white toggle with an Empyrean label slapped on your face. We know you’re out there and we know what you are.

That being said, you can provide feedback and say it’s trash but given that everyone important has said it’s working as intended, it likely won’t change. You can say it sucks, but don’t expect any changes.


Because 31k sigils vs 78k sigils is quite equal right?

If you hadn’t noticed, everyone and their mother and cat has the ability to get a legendary divine dragon to pretty much a suitable level for them for doing basic game stuff and putting in zero effort. Mythics however take at least a smidgen of planning, preparation, sacrifice, effort etc.

But thanks for continuing to feed my impression of you.