Winterjól Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


again 1 time Noob, no 1 is asking for this.

i dont care about people impression.


Pathox is a Mythic, there’s a big difference.


= ability to take money from the wallet


But you are asking for this

PG said it’s working just fine. Get over it. Provide your feedback and move on.


Noob, decently strong dont means Overpower. But at least strong enough to do something.
This “thing” dies as the corner turns


I don’t think you’ve played this game very long. Sure, people can spend and get the Mythic, or grind like heck, and/or plan ahead and save rss for next season. One never knows how good the season dragons will be until the season is here, AND you are talking about a Festive. I agree, at least at its lower levels (remember he starts at Red Tier, not Orange) he’s not impressive and I agree they could have done a little better with the spells, but we knew in advance his spells stink, so don’t get him.:man_shrugging:

I got him on this Alt just for looks, but not on my main.



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i have a QI of 110…bob


Yes it’s jumping out at me, now that you mention it :thinking:


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Please try to keep the topic on Skoll and Hati while remaining civil. Thank you.


A… life force of 110?

On topic: The dragon is garbage, just don’t waste your sigils and move on. It’s a shame, but is how it is.


The only thing that confuses me is, that on a Long Island, Where you cleared the first buildings, solar blast hits two, maybe three buildings. On a Short One, where you are right on top of the buildings it hits them all. It is weired, that you cannot point the blast…
But once you have figured out in which progression you have to hit the spells, it works great and is not bothered by mages… :woman_shrugging:


Lineage dragons are something else. U breed them to bring yourself to a higher tier …which includes all Devine dragons u have… that’s why the lineage dragons costs a lot of tokens. But if u bring out a Devine dragon, it should be able to fly normal bases. Otherwise just don’t release them. Or give it away as half prize dragon. What is the purpose of bringing out a Devine that doesn’t work?

And not everyone is streaming PG’s videos to see that dragon is bullshit. I for myself watched the little intro movie saw two white spells and thought: ok not to bad. (There where no hint that this is a garbage drag for “fun”) When I realized what kind of bs this dragon was I tried to change it back with help of pg support. Of course not possible. Yes my fault, but still annoying that spells like that are even released on a Devine. Confusion also has to do with the fact that spells are constantly refurbished and renamed… call it white lightspeed and no one who got past lumina would take that drag…

Maybe a explanation instead a short intro video would prevent people doing mistakes like that( what would result in that these dragons wouldn’t be picked and therefore stopped beeing produced)
To go to a other source than the game to get more detailed info about it seems a it coocoo


Another very fast and simple way would be to remove All the cooldowns.
It would still have a hard life but at least it would be more fun to play.


Ok you know I’ve been advocating for S&H buff. I have changed my mind a little.
Well I still think Skoll & Hati could benefit from a damage boost or a slight reduction on Moonshroud cooldown.

After racking up 500+ flights and dumping more than 300 potions on revives I am starting to feel S&H is decent.

This dragon is very hard to use correctly on well built bases but once you master the dragons spell timing and tapping you can effectively take out undefended bases and some long defended bases.

The dragon suffers from mage drain and ice Flak and has no tools to avoid them when defended but if you use 4 finger taps you can effectively clear kills Undefended.

I am getting about 2/3 the damage of Gunnar when used correctly. Gunnar will always be a better dragon than S&H because of Snowblind and Cloak.
But I am noticing Skoll and Hati can do some work undefended but requires a great deal of practice and effort.
I am all for a damage boost or a reduction in cooldown on Moonshroud (-2s). I have been managing my rage and spells to get 2 uses of Moonshroud from perch to base.

I’d be fine with either but feel this dragon doesn’t need much else and I don’t think this dragon needs to clear defended maxed bases.

Disclaimer: my dragon reviews reflect the opposite of my real opinion. If I say a dragon is garbage it really means I don’t want a Nerf😂 I guess read between the lines and figure it out🤷


But still, there is no logic reason for which Moonshroud has 8.5sec cooldown.
Man, 8.5 sec for a Shield ( which can easily be broken) that last long 3,5s seems a joke.


You’re right, Skoll and Hati definitely need to be nerfed they’re too powerful!


Let’s boost them ffs 🤦

I hope PG will soon stop creating Dragons purposely against undefended bases. This is a multiplayer game!

They should realise that creating Dragons doing ok defended (aka they can themselves beat a base with the owner defending) will entice us even more seeing their undefended runs on twitch. Those Dragons would look even more powerful!

There shouldn’t be a huge difference between defended and undefended bases. S&H can hardly defeat a defended base, but they can eventually defeat it undefended. It shouldn’t be so unbalanced!


That’s one of those things that always drives me crazy when I see the little videos previewing an ability. Every time we see the dragon getting its butt kicked!

I’d be a lot more excited to see a dragon using its abilities to dominate against a tough threat than to see it nearly dying against a weak, undefended base! :joy:


The UVS demo vid is hilarious lol