Winterjól Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


Is it a good option?
Confused between Hildr and S&H…:thinking:


Well I’m working on UVS so it was Hildr hands down :laughing: I’m not sure how useful Hildr would be against live bases (especially as a lead). I typically don’t lead with sorcerers (except for maybe sylphen). If you don’t have Kinnarus or that two-headed horse sorcerer (I’m blanking on the name hehe) for invader, then I would highly reccomend Hildr.

S&H would probably make a better follow dragon, especially if you can manage to use 3 or 4 fingers to rapidly tap the screen while the infinite amo spell is active.

Another thing to consider is that I hear the runes that are in Skoll & Hati’s line are quite nice, so you could go after that for the runes if nothing else :woman_shrugging:


:roll_eyes: The runes aren’t interesting. The glyph is, but too expensive, considering that I only have 200 sigils right now, and don’t plan to open more gold chests this season…


That is correct. With a backer on an average war run with 1 defender you should not 5 flame if you are an average flier vs an optimized base.

Its not a particiption game.

As for the festive, he sucks as a lead vs defended bases. That should be clear from his skillset - thus dont pick him as a lead. He can however kill most first islands even defended - just ignore the mages and kill 2 of the 3 other towers on the turn using chaos. Then use his zero rage spell and kill the other dps tower.

However he can situationally be used as a wing, assuming the lead knew you were using him as a follow and cleared mages and iceflaks.

He will never be a dragon I pick for war runs, but I knew that when I saw his skillset - the large bolded headline proclaiming him as a festive fun dragon might have hinted at it as well.

Regarding the divine mythics - yes they should be able to be used in war runs with greater success (40% or so)

However, this is not true for the legendary divines. They are participation trophies - even the most useless of casual players gets one free every season. The occasional one might shine, but its perfectly fine for them to be niched


I guess I’m the exception. I actually think Skoll and Hati is decent after I got more time and runs in. Not sure how many but it’s north of 400.
With full legendary gear he’s not bad on undefended bases. I guess this only applies to my level(Gold Tier) I’m level 103 and I can take level 150 bases Undefended with S&H boosted.
It took me a while to get down the quad-tapping. Now with bleeding fingers I stand victorious when dragon Lord’s are asleep in the night :imp:

I’ll take a buff if PG offers one but I doubt it. Lawson clearly said the dragon is good when mastered and very difficult to fly. I have far from mastered Skoll & Hati but I feel I’m above average with this dragon now.

I agree S&H is not good for wars or lead on defended bases but does quite well on undefended bases same level or above.
To put it in perspective my S&H has 3.4m AP and can take 3.8m-10m bases or below.

May I ask you what level are you and what tier of dragons have you unlocked for your Divines?
I myself felt S&H was seriously crap at level 88 in Green tier but after catching up to Gold tier S&H is very usable and fun. Clearly not Gunnar status but better than Jarl.
I was behind in tiers and getting Gold legendary breed brang up S&H and all my Divines.

For perspective:
Now with some difficulty I can clear level 150 (undefended) bases with S&H but with Gunnar I can clear 190 (undefended) easily.
Note: I’m level 103

If you are underleveled tier wise it would explain why S&H feels so weak for you. I know they did to me when I was behind in Tier.
I hope you find S&H as fun as I have.


:point_up: This


280, Obsidian.
Ice Flak, boom dead. This dragon si totally trash, i have it at obsidian.
Dark Flak, boom dead.
Fire Flak, boom dead.
Storm, boom dead.
The problem here is, WHY his shield have 8.5seconds cooldown? WHY?
Remove the cooldowns and this dragon will be good, otherwise will remain a super trash.


True, when I wrote that I had him only on emerald stone, no gear, no runes… was the point I was making… he struggled on my invader base very bad compared to other dragons on the normal lineage…

But after max level, gear, rider, and max legendary and mythic runes.and tons or practice. he is almost as good as coatl :joy:

I didn’t mean to ruffel feathers though just a suggestion that it isnt worth the sigil price… I mean we can whine about OP dragons like Surt and get them nerfed but we cant suggest to make bad dragons better :joy:


I don’t agree with the notion that Divine Legendaries are participation trophies and thus shouldn’t be improved.
Following that logic Mythics shouldn’t get buffs either since they are just participation trophies that take a season to get.

I don’t agree that because a festive is supposed to be fun it shouldn’t be good. That feels like a poor excuse and not a valid reason. PG shouldn’t aim to make dragons suck no matter when they drop during the season.
Skoll and Hati cost full price 31,000 Sigils just like any other decent dragon, if S&H was 1/2 the price I wouldn’t have a problem. In fact one of the best this season was half off (Gunnar) so I’m not seeing any valid reason for S&H not receiving a little help.
A small damage boost will just help out with all if the dragons weaknesses. But isn’t necessary but what is:
Reduced cooldown on Moonshroud by half from roughly 8s to 4s helping at every dragon Tier.
This would keep the dragon in flight much longer at higher tiers but wouldn’t allow the dragon to solo defended bases since it still has many weaknesses: Blue Mage, Red Mage shots, Ice Flak and no way to dodge them.
I don’t see why that can’t be done.


I dont think the intention was to say they shouldnt be improved.

The argument (if perhaps not well verbalized) is that they are not hard to obtain, and as such there is no inherent obligation for them to be bordeline overpowered. Aka each and every one of them a lead that clears bases with average flying sufficiently so that a wing can clear it.

They are perfectly fine if they clear 10-20% of a defended base, which is where the problem comes in. A lot of posters want them to clear 60% or more of a defended base.

S&H at least can clear any given island with 1-2 defenders irrespective of its base setup using a single consumable, simply by using the consumable, and ignoring the mage towers on the island. Yes he won’t do great (at all) on the next island, but for bases with a single kill island setup, he can reliably clear the single kill island, which in most cases, allows a wing to clear with ease. The assumption is equal level gear.


I do not think you know what you’re talking about and obviously you do not own SH at a decent Tier (obsidian or more).
@Gox1201 If you had SH you would know that it dies badly to every Kill Island (defense), regardless of the setup.
Or are you paid by the PG?
I do not understand why people like you are so opposed to an adjustment of the aforementioned dragon.


Would you like to try again?


I do believe @Gox1201 has already explained well why. And I am on her side if it matters. Try to understand her reasoning.


Havoc? :thinking:


And no boosts apparently, or it would be using three consumables already…


If you’ve read the thread since the beginning, you know that I was all for a buff for Skoll and Hati, and you know how much I tried and asked them to give it a little buff on the streams. Unfortunately they replied each time that the Dragon was performing as intended. What I understand is that he was never meant to be as strong or useful as Gunnar for instance, which was discounted for 2 weeks but a “main” Legendary.

Gox and other wise players helped me understand that lately divines are largely overpowered and players (including me) have grown used to expect them to clear bases in their own tier alone.
I began playing when overpowered Dragons were released in the game (Skarr!) and being in a lower league I hardly never experienced the need to setup bases for a follow due to these powerful divines.

I understand now that the fun of this game is more strategy and teamwork, that a good lead Dragon could kill 25-30% of a base, less if it’s a setup like Hauheset, more in the hand of a skillful pilot, and the following Dragon will have an easier time to destroy it.

Do I want a Dragon who can still clear a base on his own? I already have many, but eventually one every few seasons wouldn’t hurt.

Do I agree with the tide which might be changing towards less powerful, more strategic Dragons? Probably, because gameplay has become dull for many players, and I realize that I rely more on brute outburst than strategy, it used to be different when I began playing. I hardly look at tower levels and mage sequence lately. It is wrong.

As for Skoll and Hati, I will let them rest. I got their egg but I will probably not get them high enough to learn Solar Volley or use them in Temple Raid, as I will only use their line to soak up my extra Sigils.

Thank you for changing my mind everyone! It’s also a feat worth mentioning because I can be really stubborn about certain things :upside_down_face:


30% boosts are standard for all runs as far as I’m concerned, leaving them off is like flying without a rider ie not being serious


30% boosts are dropping from chest a lot.
But consumable spells are… expensive.

I hope PG will solve healing problem, so that I can save more timers each events… :pray:


They could at least remove that ridiculous and absurd cooldown on Moonshroud.
(8.5seconds cooldown for a super short/weak barrier -_- is not trash, right?)
Anyway, I do not want OP divine dragons (Pathox, Surt) that can solo bases but rather something like this:
HUNTERS ==> Setup Dragons (Necryx, maybe Haushet but She in the right hands can be OP)

WARRIOR ==> Anti Nuclear Tank (Valens)

SORCERERS ==> Strong (but balanced) White SpellS. (Apophet)


Well I hope S&H can get a small buff. I agree with you that S&H should not be able to clear defended bases which for most players is not possible currently. The duo can clear bases below it’s belt Undefended and is a great invader tool.
I’m not positive what adjustments would be best for S&H but the two I see the mostthat seem to be the least harmful is Solar Volley DPS buff (no more than 10%) or moonshroud cooldown reduced.

I am supposed to be in the golden era of Divines at level 103 where all my Divines are supposed to be straight up OP. S&H is by far the most difficult to consistently fly bases of equal level or AP vs DP.

I understand your perspective and I don’t think S&H is the worst dragon out like some believe. After learning how to properly use the dragon I’m doing fine but I’m sure some of that has to do with me being at Gold Tier.
I’m sure the Obsidian/Harbinger struggle is real. I imagine that you die as soon as moonshroud’s duration of 3.5s ends. I know it’s incredibly hard to keep them alive in gold if the towers don’t fall quickly can’t imagine a maxed base :astonished:

I just hope PG will create decent dragons from now on. There should never be dragons that are below thier Tier festive or not. If they are going to skimp on future dragons then they should be discounted.