Winterjól Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


This is the problem. Not with the dragons, but with the player base. They feel entitled to have dragons that can hit way above their player level, that they have dragons that can solo any base defended.

I think everyone and everything needs a severe reality check.


So just posting this to poke ppl into a different mindset when flying s&h

If you are having more than 1 dps tower standing after initial island approach on a defended run you are doing it wrong.

On undefended it pretty easily clears a 7b base as a 3b dragon. Literally no issues.

Think of the shield as a heal, that you control.

Dont use it like a warrior to try soak all incoming dmg. This dragon isnt a tank - its a glass cannon. Play it like one.


I’ll translate this as: dragon doesn’t need rage so kill anything that can hurt you.


How do I use Moonshroud as a heal?
I’m using Skoll and Hati the best possible way I can think of. I’ve flown them alot. I’ve tested many different spell timings on: Moonshroud, Soul Devour and Solar Volley. I even experimented with taking damage to trigger Starburn buff.
My S&H gets nearly 1 shoted by dark alone. Dark+Fire Flak combo mutilates Skoll and Hati. BTW Fire Flak destroys S&H 30% down to 15% lol. Back on topic:

I use Soul Devour as a heal and it’s a decent spell I’m tapping rapidly but maybe I’m not capable of tapping faster which is why I think many asked for a damage buff during Solar Volley.
I know at least 80% of players can’t tap fast enough with S&H to be effective and consistent Undefended assuming the base is a bit above you in level. Hunting for food/wood during events basically requires farming up not below your level.
I’m not sure what else can be done but I’d you have the answer is like to hear it?


Take a hit, turn shield on before mages shoot you, meanwhile carpal tunnel the damage dealing towers.

And yes fire flaks will wreck this dragon as it can’t produce enough damage.


Yes this is what I do but moon only lasts 3 sec, I’m usually shot just before I can cast and if I manage to cast then I can’t use it on next isle


Defended or undefended run?

Defended run you have only 2 options - summon or havoc —> both allows you to kill dps towers using normal shots.

Undefended you can use shroud to approach, kill the 2 high dmg flaks, and then use the volley to kill the last dps tower?


Ok I’ll try this to make sure. I have expressed above I’m basically content with S&H I just don’t like the required tapspeed it’s hellish that’s why I want a small increase just enough to reduce tap by a couple bit if this works I’ll change my request. I honestly didn’t want the dragons to solo defended.


Heh to be clear - he wont do well defended, he will clear the first island (barely), and die on the next one.

I would never use him as a lead on defended runs. As a wing he does a lot better, assuming the lead cleared the iceflaks and some other towers

Edit: To be clear its incredibly unlikely you will see a major buff to this dragon. The mechanic of the super spammy spell was discussed a lot when it first came out on lumina and company - everyone hated it then. Sadly PG seems to always rehash their really hated spells.


Yeah, I’m talking about post buff. I wouldn’t want a buff that creates a solo lead defended

I want the dragon to be difficult to master but easy enough for average competitive players to be able to pull it off consistently.
Love this dragon I just don’t want carpletunnel

When in doubt I clear: Blue Mage, Ice Flak, Fire Flak, Earth Flak, and in some cases Storm with Gunnar before follow with S&H

@Gox1201 thx for the tips


but fortunately it has a cooldown of only 8.5seconds :wink:

essential destroy the Kill Island and then steps with the powerful SH to destroy the farms ( my lv1 Ember It does this much better)….powerful dragon , pls nerf Skull and Hate but leave Surt and Pathox untouched that are too weak


Wasn’t there an official announcement to Nerf Surt and didn’t Pathox get nerfed by spell scaling?

I agree Ember is awesome and very cost effective. Sometimes you can’t beat old-school dragons.




Surt’s “nerf” did not affect his “ability” to asphalt bases well above her level. From super duper overpower to OOverpower ( in short, nothing has changed ).
Actually i see the Spell Scaling a good buff for the spells.